For me, this month is all about hitting the reset button. I reset my 2020 goals. I revamped the See Jane Write website. And I’m doing the work to reset my relationship with God.

I’ve also been resetting my 40 Before 40 list.

Back in February when I turned 39 I shared a list of 40 things I want to do before my 40th birthday.

Then COVID-19 ended the world as we knew it.

Shortly after that I learned I would need to undergo chemotherapy. (In case you’re new around here, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January, but initially told I would only need surgery and radiation for treatment.)

COVID, cancer, and chemo obviously mean that many of my 40 Before 40 plans — like traveling and hosting in-person events — simply can’t happen. And for a while, I was going to just ditch the whole project. But that felt too much like giving up and that’s something I refuse to do.

So here’s my updated 40 Before 40 List.

  1. Write a book I’m proud of. 
  2. Write and send a proposal for this book to a publishing company or agent. – DONE!
  3. Send pitches to 10 of my favorite publications. 
  4. Re-release my See Jane Freelance e-course. – DONE!
  5. Join the Birmingham Association of Black Journalists. – DONE!
  6. Get featured on the Brown Girls Who Write Instagram account. – DONE! See the feature here.
  7. Be featured on the ReThink Breast Cancer website and Instagram account. — DONE! Check out my interview here.
  8. Be featured in Wildfire Magazine. – DONE! (And I’ll be announcing an excited See Jane Write x Wildfire Magazine collaboration soon!)
  9. Be featured on one of my favorite podcasts.
  10. Interview one of my favorite female entrepreneurs.
  11.  Have my first  $10K month as a writerpreneur.
  12. Get a BhamWiki page. – DONE! See my page here.
  13. Revamp the See Jane Write website. – DONE! (Isn’t she beautiful?!)
  14. Revamp
  15. Buy a new car. – DONE! (Head to my Instagram to take a look.)
  16. Get a new passport. 
  17. Do a photoshoot with my husband. – DONE! See a couple of pics here and here.
  18. Help plan Smart Party 2020 for The Women’s Fund. – DONE! (And it was the most successful Smart Party ever! )
  19. Be a Smarty Pants Team Captain and raise $1K for The Women’s Fund with my team. – DONE!
  20. Speak at Creative Mornings Birmingham. – DONE!
  21. Walk for exercise for at least 3o minutes for 366 consecutive days. – DONE!
  22. Host the See Jane Walk 30-Day Challenge. – DONE! Thanks to everyone who participated!
  23. Participate in the DC Wonder Woman Virtual 10K. – DONE!
  24. Develop a post-cancer nutrition plan.
  25. Buy 7 new bras that fit properly. 
  26. Find a new hobby.
  27. Write my will. (I know that’s morbid AF, but it needs to be done.)
  28. Go to a drive-in movie. — DONE!
  29. Learn to love Twitter.
  30. Learn to love Pinterest.
  31. Start going live on Instagram regularly.
  32. Reach 10K followers on Instagram
  33. Make See Jane Write my full-time job — for real.
  34. Host #BlogLikeCrazy 2020 and award a cash prize to one participant. – DONE!
  35. Read 20 books in 2020.
  36. Start planning a post-cancer/post-pandemic trip.
  37. Learn how to style short hair.
  38. Pay off all of my credit card debt. – DONE!
  39. Kick cancer’s ass! – DONE!
  40. Make a 50 Before 50 list!

What do you want to do before your next milestone birthday?

#MJConsistencyChallenge #MJConsistencyPays