Setting intentions for a new month is just as important as setting goals for a new year or new quarter. These monthly intentions will help you achieve the things you hope to accomplish in the long run.

Intentions v. Goals

Even though an intention can help you achieve a goal, an intention and a goal are not the same thing. An intention is more like a practice or habit you aim to adopt as opposed to a task you will check off your to-do list. Your goals are focused on outcomes such as write a book, pitch an article idea, or launch a blog. Intentions are more about mindset. With intentions, you get clear on what you want your everyday life to look and feel like or the person you want to be and then get deliberate about designing the life you desire and becoming the person you know you were meant to be.

4 Journal Prompts for Setting Monthly Intentions

Here are some journaling prompts that may help you set intentions for this month:

How do you want this month to feel?

I host monthly goal-setting sessions for the members of the See Jane Write Collective and one of the things I ask members to consider is how they want the month ahead to feel. Knowing this will help you decide on any intentions and goals you want to set for the month. For example, if you want the month to be peaceful, you should avoid setting goals that will make your days more hectic. Instead, you should set intentions and adopt practices that will add more calm to your life such as meditation, walks, or journaling.

Because I am a writer, this month I will…

Consider your writing life. What do you want your writing life to feel like and what practice can you adopt to make that happen? Maybe you want to be a more confident writer, so you will set an intention to study your craft more. Perhaps you want to be a more innovative writer, so you want to start jotting down a list of ideas most days of the week. Perhaps you want to be more consistent so you will set the intention to write more. And you get to decide what “more” looks like for you.

How can you prioritize your well-being this month?

Self-care should always be a top priority. What healthful habit can you set out to add or continue? Remember that perfection is not the goal. You don’t have to go to the gym every day. But maybe you set the intention to do one small thing each day for the sake of your health and wellness.

What else in my life needs attention this month?

Is there an area of your life that you’ve been neglecting? Have you not been spending time with friends or family? Have you been spending too much money on frivolous things? Do you feel disconnected from your community? Consider what in your life needs your attention and set an intention to give that facet of life the loving care it deserves.

My Intentions for May 2024

Using the journaling prompts above, here are the intentions I’ve set for the month of May:

I will not only write for a living, but I will also write for myself.

Because I’m a full-time freelance writer, I write every single day. But aside from journaling, I rarely write for myself. Almost all of my writing is for clients or media outlets. This month I will work on some personal narratives that I want to write solely for my love of the written word.

I will make small changes each day to improve my health and well-being.

This month I want to drink more water, do some type of exercise that I enjoy most days of the week and practice mindful eating.

This month I will be good with money.

My finances are an area of my life that definitely needs more attention. This month I will focus on sticking to my budget.

What are your intentions for the month?