Writing my way back to God isn’t just about using my journaling practice to thank God for the bright future I believe will one day be my reality. Writing my way back to God also means leaning into gratitude and thanking God for my life as it is right now. Even in the midst of cancer, chemo, and the COVID-19 crisis, I am unbelievably blessed.

Here are 30 things, people and places I love about my life right now.

My husband’s unconditional love

My cousin Tasha’s unconditional friendship

All of the gifts, cards, and text from family and friends

See Jane Write

my website redesign

All of my freelance writing opportunities

The email from one of my editors declaring that my story was “just perfect”

Since quitting my teaching job last year I have met (or exceeded) my monthly income goal EVERY SINGLE MONTH  — even in the midst of cancer, chemo, and COVID

My partnership with AL.com’s Reckon Women

The freedom to set my own schedule

Jayoncé – the custom-made POP of me as Beyoncé in Super Bowl formation that my sister-in-law made for me

Health insurance

Nurses at my cancer center who not only listen to my complaints about the side effects of chemo but do something to try to make them better

ReThink Breast Cancer



YouVersion devotionals

Slow mornings

Being a goal digger

My home

Real friends who know concern and pity are not the same thing

Real friends who don’t try to silence me on my bad days with toxic positivity

Really good shows on Apple TV+

The color pink

Essie nail polish

Head wraps

Scented candles


Planning this year’s virtual Smart Party for The Women’s Fund

Indoor walking workouts by JessicaSmithTV

What do you love right now?

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