Why I’m Still a Goal Digger

I have plenty of reasons to not be a goal digger right now.

We’re still in the midst of a global health pandemic. Young people across the country are putting their lives on the line for justice. And I’m battling breast cancer.

The picture on the left is one my husband took of me 5 years ago. It was just a few moments before I was getting ready to kick off a See Jane Write event at DISCO. The event — as you may have guessed from my t-shirt — was all about helping attendees set goals for the upcoming year and develop a plan for achieving them.

The picture on the right is one my husband took of me just a few days ago. You’ll notice my curly tresses are gone – a casualty of chemotherapy. I’m in my home office.  With all that’s going on, who knows when I’ll be able to host an in-person See Jane Write event again. But thanks to the Internet, just before this picture was taken, I was able to go live in the See Jane Write Network Facebook group to discuss the importance of setting weekly goals.

In spite of everything, I am still a goal digger. And you should be, too.


Goal Setting in Times of Uncertainty

If you’ve known me for a long time or even a little while, you know I’m obsessed with goal setting. As a friend of mine once said, my goals have goals. And she’s right. I’m a goal digger.

It’s April 1, so, of course, I’ve set some goals for the new month and the new quarter.

But I almost didn’t.


My Quarantine Bucket List

Last month I turned 39 and was so excited to share and get started on my 40 Before List. Then COVID-19 canceled EVERYTHING. Many of the items on my list were travel goals and events I wanted to host and group fitness classes I wanted to attend. To make matters worse, I’m also dealing with a tough health issue that has nothing to Coronavirus but that could also make travel and being in large groups impossible for me this year.

After pouting about this for several days I decided to replace my 40 Before 40 List with a Quarantine Bucket List, a list of things to do while I shelter in place and practice social distancing.

I got this idea from StyleBlueprint, one of the publications I write for. So, be sure to check out the StyleBlueprint Quarantine Bucket List for inspiration for your own list.

Here’s my Quarantine Bucket List:


How to Finally Accomplish Your BIG Writing Goal

Last year I decided that my fitness goal for 2020 would be to walk for exercise every day for 366 consecutive days. So far, I’ve stuck with this despite having a medical procedure in January and outpatient surgery just last week. On February 26, I had surgery that morning and still went for a walk that afternoon.

Am I saying you should follow in my footsteps and walk around your neighborhood while doped up on Percocet? Of course not! I recognize and accept that I’m a crazy person. But I am saying you should be deeply committed to your goals and to your success and not just interested in it.

Though walking every day is a fitness goal, doing so for the past two months has taught me a lot about what it will take to accomplish my writing goals, too.


My 40 Before 40 List

Today I turn 39. Today I enter the last year of my 30s. Today I begin my 40 Before 40 project!

And this will be my obsession for the next 366 days, so brace yourself!

I love lists and I am completely obsessed with setting and going after goals, so making a list of 40 things to do before I turn 40 is the best gift I could give myself.

I’ll be tracking my progress on my Instagram Stories, so I hope you will follow along @seejavaciawrite.

This year will be 366 days to become the fierce and fabulous woman I want to be in my 40s.

I know that this next year will test my faith and my strength like no year before ever has. But I’m ready.

Let’s do this!