Girl, Stop Procrastinating!

Last month I read Rachel Hollis’ new book Girl, Stop Apologizing and it has me ready to write a book of my own — Girl, Stop Procrastinating!

Girl, if you really want to be a writer you have to write! You can’t just think about writing. You can’t just talk about writing. You can’t just post quotes about writing on social media. YOU MUST WRITE.


How to Rebrand Your Blog in Style

Megan LaRussa Chenoweth and I

If you’re like me the new year has you in the mood for all new everything and you may be wondering if it’s time for you to rebrand your blog. I’ve honestly been wondering the same thing about See Jane Write.

While thinking this over I decided to revisit an interview I did back in 2015 with style coach Megan LaRussa Chenoweth when she rebranded her blog and business. For years, Megan has been my brand and business role model and she’s the prototype of how women can transition from lady blogger to boss lady.


How See Jane Write Can Help You Succeed in 2019

“Over here we measure success by how many people successful next to you/ Here we say you broke if everybody else broke except for you.” — “Boss” by The Carters

I am determined to make 2019 my most successful year yet, but I can’t count 2019 as a win unless you’re winning, too.

Here are some things I think you should do to be successful in 2019 and how See Jane Write can help you with each step.


The 2018 #BlogLikeCrazy All-Stars

Each year, I challenge the readers of See Jane Write who blog to publish a new blog post every day in the month of November. I call this challenge #BlogLikeCrazy and, trust me, the process certainly lives up to its name. But I’m so glad that every year several ladies (and gentlemen) join the fun.

Today I salute the #BlogLikeCrazy All-Stars for 2018 — the bloggers who succeeded in giving their readers new content every day in November.