Throwback to the first WordCamp I attended and the t-shirt I got at the conference!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Birmingham 2019 and I hope to see you there.

WordCamp Birmingham is set for August 10 -11, 2019 and will be held at Rosewood Hall, 2850 19th Street South in Homewood.

My session will explore how you can use group writing challenges to boost your blog and personal brand.

In my talk you can expect to learn the following:

  • How hosting group writing challenges can build buzz for your blog
  • How writing challenges can help your blog readers and improve your own writing
  • Best practices and logistics for hosting group writing challenges
  • Different types of group writing challenges you can host  

What is WordCamp Birmingham?

WordCamp Birmingham is a volunteer-run conference that’s all about WordPress, the free and open-source software that powers over 30 percent of the Internet. WordCamp conferences are held in cities all over the world and are attended not just by bloggers but also by designers, developers, business owners, copywriters, consultants, and anyone else who uses WordPress in any way. Whether you’re a WordPress newbie or savant, there’s something for you at WordCamp. (And last year there was dancing during one of the keynote presentations. Seriously.)

Why should bloggers and writers attend WordCamp Birmingham?

I’ll be honest, for years I didn’t attend WordCamp Birmingham because I was scared. I thought it was a conference just for website developers and other techies and that I wouldn’t understand anything any of the speakers would be talking about.

But then I learned there was an entire track of sessions just for bloggers and content creators like myself. So I started attending and eventually even applied to speak, which I did for the first time in 2017.

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A selfie I snapped during WordCamp 2018

And if you are intimidated by the tech side of blogging, that’s actually even more reason attend. See Jane Write Collective member Leslie Golden attended because she wanted to move her blog to WordPress but wasn’t sure how.

“I attended WordCamp because although I knew my blog had to move to WordPress in order to progress, I was terrified of the platform!” Leslie says. “Going to camp gave me access to the resources I needed to make that transition and a wonderful community of bloggers. Listening and interacting with these people got me out of a creative rut and showed me the possibilities of blogging are limitless!”

Elaine Tindall-Rohr, also a See Jane Write Collective member, uses WordPress for the website for her business, Painted Personalities. And that’s why she tries to never miss WordCamp.

“I attend WordCamp to make sure that I am keeping my website up to date and secure, as well as seeing what other fun things people are using in their blogs and websites,” Elaine says.

Selfie with Elaine Tindall-Rohr at WordCamp Birmingham 2018

Each year at WordCamp I learn something new about WordPress, blogging, content creation, and even building a business. And looking at the speakers who have been announced so far, I’m sure this year won’t disappoint.

Who else is speaking at WordCamp Birmingham 2019?

So far, WordCamp Birmingham organizers have announced the following sessions that I can’t wait to attend:

Blogging, Even If You Can’t Write by Aida Correa. I’m sure this session will give me guidance on how I can get more of the businesswomen in my life to bite the bullet and stop blogging to boost their brands.

“Write & Schedule Blog Posts For An Entire Quarter In ONE Day” by Patrice Turner. Um, yes, please. Who wouldn’t want to produce three months of blog content in just eight hours?! Sign me up!

“From Blog to Book” by Kathryn Lang. Kathryn was a speaker at this year’s See Jane Write Virtual Summit and spoke on this very topic. So I know this talk will be good and I’m eager to see what new tips she has to offer.

“Repurposing: Site to Social” by Jacqui Jones. See Jane Write Collective member (and my best friend) Jacqui Jones will be offering tips on how to repurpose blog content for social media. When it comes to social media marketing, Jacqui is THE TRUTH. So, this isn’t a session you want to miss.

“The Nuts and Bolts of Becoming a Full-Time Content Creator” by Jacob Crawford. In this talk, Jake will explain how he turned his blogging hobby into a full-time freelance writing career and share the good, the bad, and the ugly of that writerpreneur life. As someone who recently took the leap to full-time freelance writing, you know I will be in this session taking ALL THE NOTES!

“10 Ways to Get Your Readers to Generate Content FOR You” by Sylvie Stacy. Lately, I’ve had several See Jane Write readers reach out to me about guest blogging for the site and this is definitely something I want to explore, but I want to do it right. I’m hoping this session will show me how to do just that.

More speakers will be announced in the coming weeks. Continue to check the WordCamp Birmingham 2019 website for updates.

Tickets for this two-day conference are only $50! Get yours here today.