Last month I read Rachel Hollis’ new book Girl, Stop Apologizing and it has me ready to write a book of my own — Girl, Stop Procrastinating!

Girl, if you really want to be a writer you have to write! You can’t just think about writing. You can’t just talk about writing. You can’t just post quotes about writing on social media. YOU MUST WRITE.

To be clear, this isn’t me fussing at you. This is me fussing at myself and letting you eavesdrop in case you need a dose of tough love, too.

Yes, of course, I write quite a bit. I blog and I freelance for several publications. But there is a host of other publications I hope will one day feature my byline and there are books I want to one day publish, too. But those goals will not be achieved if I never sit down and do the work. No matter how much I daydream about the goals or write them down in my journal, they won’t happen if I don’t write the pitches and the proposals I need to write and finish the chapters I have yet to revise or complete.

The same goes for your goals, too. That book you want to write, that blog you want to build, that freelance writing career you want to start — none of those dreams will become a reality if you don’t WRITE!

But you know this already, right? So why aren’t you writing? I highly doubt it’s because you’re lazy.

Maybe self-doubt is getting in your way. You’ve convinced yourself that your writing isn’t that good so why should you bother trying to put it out in the world.

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Or maybe you just can’t find the time. You’re so busy with work and your family that squeezing in an hour a day to write seems impossible.

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Or perhaps you’re simply afraid you’ll start writing but won’t be able to keep going. Perhaps you’re afraid you’re going to run out of ideas.

Don’t worry. See Jane Write is here to help.

The Write Start 21-Day Challenge

April 8-28 See Jane Write will be hosting a 21-day challenge I’m calling The Write Start. It’s designed to help women like you uncover the confidence, commitment, and creativity you need to develop a daily writing practice and get serious about writing, blogging and building a platform. Each day of the challenge I’ll be sending you a brief lesson and a writing prompt. If you commit to working on each prompt each day for 21 days by the end of the challenge you will be in the habit of writing daily!

The challenge will also include weekly virtual group coaching sessions, one virtual write-in, and one virtual critique session. These are built in to give you the encouragement and community you’ll need to stick with the challenge. And it’s all FREE!

Sign up for The Write Start 21-Day Challenge here.

How to Prepare for The Write Start 21-Day Challenge

But here’s the thing. This challenge WILL NOT help you if you aren’t committed to doing the work. So, do me a favor and take out your planner RIGHT NOW. Taking into consideration all you have going on next week, plan when you will work on your daily writing prompt. It may be the same time each day or it may vary depending on your schedule. You may write in the morning while your kids are still asleep. You may write during your lunch break. You may write before bed. Whatever the time may be, schedule a daily appointment with yourself and protect that time. Repeat this exercise each Sunday.

If you’re ready to get serious about writing, blogging, and building a platform, girl, stop procrastinating and sign up for The Write Start 21-Day Challenge here.