Member of the Month

Member of the Month: Kimberley Carter Spivey

Kimberley Carter Spivey did not come to play with y’all!

When she became a See Jane Write Collective member back in June she immediately got to work. She logged into the members-only resource library and started watching the videos and completing the lessons on blogging, brand building, and freelance writing. Then she put what she learned into action.

This month Kimberley launched her new blog and business, Girl You Write. She’s also done freelance writing for several publications all while juggling writing, blogging, and business with family and her day job as a Retention and Student Success Specialist at her alma mater, Auburn University at Montgomery.

Kimberley’s remarkable work ethic and her great participation in the See Jane Write Network Facebook group are why she is the September 2019 Member of the Month.


Member of the Month: Leslie L. Golden

Leslie L. Golden

Lesile L. Golden is currently working on not one, not two, but three books and is somehow still finding the time to consistently update her blog The Istoriaphile’s Corner. She also recently published an e-book called Season’s Suite that’s all about the stories found in nature.

But Leslie’s writing work ethic isn’t the only reason she’s the See Jane Write Collective Member of the Month for August 2019. She was nominated by Audrey Atkins, author of They Call Me Orange Juice and the SJW member of the month for June 2018.

“In addition to being an awesomely talented wordsmith, she is enthusiastically and unfailingly supportive of every Jane in the group,” Audrey said of Leslie. “She offers feedback that is thoughtful and helpful, she is sincerely complimentary, and she shares careful and constructive criticism. It is this kind of writerly and friendly rapport that I came to See Jane Write to find, and I absolutely did in Leslie.”

In this interview, I chat with Leslie about her blog and her books, writing tips, and why she loves See Jane Write.


Member of the Month: C.J. Wade

C. J. Wade // Photo by Desiree Danielle

The See Jane Write book club See Jane Read is back and this month we’re reading the novel The Morning After by C.J. Wade. C.J. is also the See Jane Write Member of the Month for July 2019 — and not simply because we’re reading her book this month.

C.J. is a powerhouse of a woman — a Jane of all trades and a master of many. She’s an author, blogger, teacher, dancer, and massage therapist! She’s also one of the kindest and most compassionate people you will ever meet.

If you’re in the Birmingham area, you can see for yourself when you meet her at our book discussion, set for Tuesday, July 23 at 6:30 p.m. CT at the Panera Bread located at 521 Fieldstown Road in Gardendale. You can RSVP here.

If you’re not in Birmingham, don’t fret. We’ll be having an online discussion of the book throughout the month here.

Read on to learn more about C.J. and more about The Morning After.


Member of the Month: GeNeise Fuller

As you probably know, See Jane Write is a community for women who write. But the Janes, as I like to call the ladies of my tribe, are women who wear many hats. Some of the women of See Jane Write are also teachers, entrepreneurs, and community activists. GeNeise Fuller is one of those women and that’s why she’s the April 2019 See Jane Write Member of the Month.

Just in time for National Poetry Month, GeNeise recently released her latest book — When Is It MY Time? A Poetic Courtroom Battle with God.

But GeNeise has also been busy teaching dance and advocating for children’s health. Read on to learn more about GeNeise’s writing and all of her important work.


Member of the Month: Lisa E. Williams

Florida-based author and blogger Lisa E. Williams believes that every soul has a language. Like any language, it’s one learned and developed over time, one determined by our environment. She believes our soul “speaks” its language through our behavior.

Lisa admits that many of her old behaviors were derived from fear, pain, and rejection and these behaviors crippled many of her relationships.

That is until she got some “soul training.”

Lisa’s new book, Soul Training, chronicles her journey toward healing and, believe it or not, the role her dog, Hershey, played in this healing. Lisa says there’s likely a person, place, or animal in your environment that can expand or reshape your thinking in an area of your life, too.

Lisa isn’t satisfied with only finding healing for herself. She’s determined to help other women, too. She hosts events and creates content meant to help women pursue their passions and build healthy relationships.

This is one of the many reasons Lisa is the October See Jane Write Member of the Month.