Kymmie Cartledge is a See Jane Write Collective member that I brag on a lot. In addition to being a member, Kymmie is also a former coaching client of mine and during the time that we worked together, Kymmie started a business from scratch and planned her first event — a vision board workshop — which was a smashing success.

But she was just getting started.

Kymmie kicked off 2020 with the release of her e-book The Alignment Challenge: A Guide to Aligning Your Intentions, Goals, and Habits, which quickly rose to the #1 spot in Amazon’s category of new releases in self-help short reads.

To celebrate, it only seemed right to honor Kymmie as the January 2020 See Jane Write Collective Member of the Month.

What inspired you to write The Alignment Challenge? What are you hoping for readers will get out of it? Why did you decide on this short read format? 

The Alignment Challenge was inspired by the See Jane Write community. A few years ago we did a challenge about committing to new habits. I wrote a blog post outlining my intentions, goals, and habits and that inspired me to write the ebook.

The Alignment Challenge is short read because sometimes less is more. Although it is a short read, the reader is encouraged to reflect. It is currently only offered in ebook format, but it will be available as a hard copy eventually.

I realized that we all have goals we want to accomplish. Our habits really do make all of the difference in accomplishing our goals and living intentionally. I hope readers can take a few moments to reflect on where they are and define and align their intentions, goals, and habits.

You shared in the See Jane Write Collective Facebook group that you had been sitting on this book since 2018. Why were you reluctant to publish it? Why did you finally decide to go for it? 

Impostor Syndrome is REAL. Every time I would go upload the content, I would question if my writing was good enough. Eventually, I would talk myself out of it and move on to something else.

I decided to publish the book after attending a vision board workshop. While we were creating our boards, I mentioned to the ladies at my table that I had an ebook sitting in my Google Drive. They both challenged me to publish the book by the end of the week. Three days later it was on Amazon.

This ebook is just one of many projects of yours. Tell us about all of the different things that you do.

 I’m a certified career coach. I’m a high school career specialist full time. I serve as technology chair for the South Carolina Career Development Association. I’m the owner of Career Jam Coaching, where I help my clients create a life they can vibe to through one-on-one coaching. I’m also the creator of Glitter, Glue, and Goals™️, where I take the vision board experience on the go. Lastly, I’m the voice behind Simply Kymtastic, A Blog for Millennials and Beyond.

What are your top goals for 2020 and what’s your plan for achieving these goals?

My goals for 2020 include graduating with my master’s degree in higher education administration in August, publishing new content on Simply Kymtastic each month, and securing speaking engagements.

To accomplish my goals, I have to stick to a schedule and work ahead. Time management is key.

How did you find out about See Jane Write and why did you decide to join the Collective? What do you enjoy most about the Collective?

I found out about See Jane Write via Instagram in 2017. I decided to join because I wanted to grow as a writer and I wanted a community outside of my everyday life. I have a natural gift, but it’s helpful to have people surrounding who are on a similar journey.

I enjoy the Facebook community and the resources provided each month. Javacia, you’re very supportive of members and you look for our feedback. Everyone in the community is friendly.

You took your See Jane Write involvement a step further and signed up for my coaching program. Why did you decide to do this and how did it help you?

I wanted to work with you because I see a lot of my current (and future) self in you. You’re very knowledgeable about writing, branding, event planning, speaking, and building a business.  I originally signed up for the coaching program because I wanted to publish for a magazine. Through our conversations, I realized that starting a business was a better fit for my long-term goals Through our time together, Career Jam Coaching was born.

What’s next for Kymmie? 

As I move through life, I’m working to overcome my insecurities and setbacks. Healing is a process, but it’s important in order for me to move forward. When I started to love myself and embrace my quirks, opportunities started to come my way naturally. Wherever life takes me, I simply want to inspire the individuals I come in contact with to be the best version of their most authentic self. 

Be sure to follow Kymmie on Instagram @kymmiecartledge and check out and Career Jam Coaching.

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