In 2019 See Jane Write established a partnership with Reckon Women, a platform created by and Alabama Media Group’s Reckon Alabama to help share the stories of Alabama women.

Reckon Alabama is now Reckon South and that means Reckon Women is striving to elevate the voices of women from all over the South, not just Alabama.

We want your stories!

Each week the Reckon Women Voices column features an essay from a woman with ties to the South. The essay is also featured in the Reckon Women newsletter. I have the honor of recruiting writers and editing content for this column.

I hope you will submit an article for consideration. Pieces should be 600 to 800 words. Do not submit previously published works. Essays centered on personal stories are preferred. Payment is $50.

What We’re Looking For

We want stories about subcultures of the South that aren’t often explored, stories that highlight ways women are responding to challenges in both their personal lives and their communities, and stories that showcase how women are being leaders at home, in the workplace, and beyond.

If you are writing about news events but sure the event is current.

Avoid submitting essays on subjects we’ve recently covered.

Currently, we are particularly interested in pieces on the following topics:

  • subcultures of the South
  • race, race relations, racial injustice
  • women working in male-dominated fields
  • community activism
  • education
  • entrepreneurship
  • makers and creatives
  • climate change
  • body positivity
  • women in the workplace
  • GYN/breast cancers
  • purity culture
  • religion and womanhood
  • women’s health topics that aren’t talked about enough
  • any inspiring or thought-provoking stories centered on women or girls

If you need help with writing personal essays, check out this blog post, How to Write a Good Personal Essay.

For a better idea of what we’re looking for, read our most recently published essays here: RECKON WOMEN VOICES


You can check out even more previously published essays below:

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Why I’m going to seminary by Melissa Scott

Finding my way to recovery from depression by Tawanna Jones

Why I went back to college 33 years later by Leslie Golden

Send your submissions to

In September 2019’s Abbey Crain interviewed me about See Jane Write’s partnership with Reckon Women and why it’s important to elevate women’s voices now and always. Read the Q&A here.