If you want to learn how to write affirmations that actually work and that can help you achieve your goals and make your wildest dreams come true, I can be your guide. But this wasn’t always the case.

Back in the day, I thought affirmations were a waste of time. I had been making positive declarations first thing in the morning or just before bed, but each time I did I felt like a fraud. I didn’t believe a word that was coming out of my mouth.

Then one day that all changed.

On this day, my to-do list was about as long as my arm and I was stressed to the max. I kept telling myself there was no way I would get everything done because I was tired and there just wasn’t enough time. During a five-minute break I’d given myself, I decided to scroll Instagram and that’s when I saw this:

I have more than enough time and energy to do all the things I love.

I decided to stop ruminating on the belief that I wouldn’t get everything done and started repeating this statement to myself instead. Doing so calmed me down which improved my concentration and helped me be more efficient.

Repeating this affirmation also improved my attitude. I stopped viewing my to-do list as tasks that I had to do and reframed them as things I got to do. Even if it was something I didn’t really like to do, if it was related to something in my life that I loved, I focused on that instead. For example, when I was a teacher, I HATED grading papers. But I loved being a teacher.  

Why You Should Learn How to Write Affirmations

After this day I realized that affirmations hadn’t been working for me in the past because I was just reciting random declarations I’d found online or in an affirmations gift box. I needed affirmations that challenged my limiting beliefs.

A friend of mine confirmed this for me when she sent me some encouraging words that spoke directly to my biggest fears. At the time, I was convinced that I wasn’t being a good role model for the women of the See Jane Write community and that as a writer, my best work was behind me.

My friend sent me these statements:

Trust your dopeness.

We all see your dopeness even if you don’t write another word.

Your dopeness is the result of all your perfect imperfections. Act accordingly and breathe.

Her words were exactly what I needed.  But I knew I couldn’t rely solely on the words of others to uplift me. I knew it was time for me to start writing my own affirmations.

Why Affirmations Work

Nowadays I write several affirmations every week. In fact, you can sign up to get affirmations from me texted directly to you each Monday morning. Simply text the word AFFIRM to 205-892-9501 to get started.

But I don’t want you to rely on me for all of your affirmations. I want to teach you how to write affirmations of your own.

If writing and reciting affirmations seems a bit too woo-woo for you, keep in mind that there’s actually science behind the power of affirmations.

Two key psychological theories related to the power of positive affirmations are self-identity and self-integrity.

Self-identity purports that through our words (and thoughts) we construct a narrative about ourselves. (The Bible says so, too. Proverbs 23:7 says as a man thinks, so he is. )

But this self-identity isn’t a strict, rigid narrative. It allows us to be flexible and accept different roles. This means we can rewrite a narrative that isn’t serving us. And that’s exactly what affirmations help you do.

Self-integrity helps explain why the things we declare in our affirmations become true. Self-integrity is something we maintain by acting in ways that merit the praise of the positive statements you’re speaking over yourself. In other words, you’re not going to say “I am a creative and consistent writer” in the mirror every day and then not write a single word for a month.

Affirmations work because they urge you to act accordingly!

How to Write Affirmations That Work for You

To get started with writing your affirmations, first, you need to identify your core values and write belief statements for each one.

For example, my values are my faith, my marriage, empowering other women, creative expression, health & fitness.

Here are some of the belief statements I’ve written based on my values:

I believe in a loving and merciful Creator who desires a relationship with creation. I believe I am a creation, and it is God’s will for me to be creative. Writing is a form of worship…

I believe all women have a story worth sharing and can empower themselves and others by doing so. Helping women share their stories is my calling.

My body should be treated as God’s temple.

I believe in being my husband’s girlfriend.

Then, you can rewrite your belief statements as affirmations.

For example, one of my affirmations might read as follows:

Helping women share their stories is my calling and each day I am walking in my purpose.

Write Affirmations Based on Your Values and Your Vision

After you’ve examined your values, consider your vision. What do you want your life to look like in five years? What would you need to accomplish to make this vision your reality? These are your goals. Consider the woman you need to be to make these goals happen. Write positive statements declaring you are this person.


I finish what I start.

I consistently show up for myself and my work by writing every day.

I write with confidence and clarity.

Once you start thinking about your goals, your inner critic might start whispering in your ear, telling you all the reasons you can’t achieve the things you want to accomplish.

Don’t simply try to ignore these limiting beliefs. Listen to them so you can rewrite the narrative.

You may, for example, want to be a freelance writer but you think you can’t because you don’t have a journalism degree. But chances are you’ve done something in the past for which you didn’t have formal training and you did it well anyway. (For the record, raising a child definitely counts). Maybe you achieved the things you’ve accomplished in the past because you were disciplined enough to do the work and resourceful enough to figure out what you didn’t know or simply because you trusted your intuition.

Use this to create affirmations that counter your limiting beliefs.

I am resourceful and I can trust my intuition.

I am committed and disciplined.

My hard work pays off in more ways than I can imagine.

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And remember you can sign up to get affirmations from me texted directly to you each Monday morning by texting the word AFFIRM to 205-892-9501.