I believe all women writers should create seasonal bucket lists. 

You may already have a main bucket list of all the big, hairy audacious goals you want to accomplish in your lifetime. But a seasonal bucket list is different. 

What is a seasonal bucket list? 

A seasonal bucket list is a list of things— big and small — you want to accomplish and enjoy before the season is over. 

 It’s similar to setting quarterly goals but, honestly, it’s much more fun. In addition to writing and wellness goals, I also include little things I want to do simply to add more joy to my life. 

With seasonal bucket lists, you will, of course, add things based on the season because these lists are meant to help you take advantage of the change of season and make the most of every moment. So, in the fall you might include going to a pumpkin patch or haunted house. Your winter bucket list might be all about the holidays. Your spring bucket list could focus on giving yourself — and your life — a reset or refresh. Your summer bucket list might include a trip to the beach. 

Making a seasonal bucket list is a great way to make sure you don’t forget to do the little things that make life beautiful. As a writer, these things can also fuel your creativity. 

Ideas for Your Seasonal Bucket List

I’ve put together a list of 30 things I believe all women writers should try. The next time you’re putting together a seasonal bucket list, use these ideas for inspiration. 

  1. Participate in National Novel Writing Month or be a NaNoWriMo rebel
  2. Start a blog
  3. Blog every day for a month.  
  4. Write a Christmas letter for friends and family.
  5. Buy a new planner and commit to using it. 
  6. Write your long-term vision for your writing life.  
  7. Create a vision board.
  8. Write your own affirmations
  9. Write a love letter to your body. 
  10. Get paid to write.
  11. Pitch an article idea to a magazine or online publication. 
  12. Attend a writers’ retreat.
  13. Go on a solo writing retreat
  14. Take yourself on an artist date
  15. Clean and organize your writing space.
  16. Organize your notebooks and journals. 
  17. Write a poem a day for 30 days.
  18. Read a poem at an open mic.
  19. Go to a local farmers market and then write a story or poem about food. 
  20. Join a writing group (or start your own).
  21. Be a guest on a podcast (or start your own).
  22. Attend a lecture or reading by one of your favorite writers. 
  23. Journal every day for a month. 
  24. Write a book. 
  25. Record a video for YouTube. 
  26. Try something new on social media. Go live on Instagram, try a TikTok trend or start a Facebook group. 
  27. Journal on the beach. 
  28. Attend an event at your local library. 
  29. Participate in an adult summer reading program.
  30. Participate in a read-a-thon

What’s on your seasonal bucket list?