Writing Prompt: Write a prose poem about an unexpected talent that you have.

I have learned that there’s always a sign, a signal, a hint telling you what move to make next.

Like the cues from a game of Just Dance, there are whispers in your soul telling you to shuffle to the right, now left. Turn. Jump. Twist. Wave your arms. Roll your hips.

I have learned that life is about patterns – a collection of 8-counts in a dance routine.

You’ve memorized each move. No more need for cues. You’ve got this. Trust yourself.

I have learned that sometimes it’s more fun to just go with the flow, to let life’s music move you, to get lost in the rhythm. And once you’ve found your rhythm, you can dance from your body, not your mind. Your feet, your legs, your arms, your hips, they all know exactly what to do.

And if you miss a step, don’t worry. If you simply have a good time you will see that when the game is over, you will still have the high score.