Blog Like Crazy seems like the perfect time to bring back the 15 Confessions feature.

So, here’s what I have to confess…

  1. I was fully prepared to launch a YouTube channel next year, but now I’m having second thoughts and considering starting a podcast instead. 
  1. I’m terrible at making decisions. 
  1. I have so many journals I’m running out of space in my house to store them.
  1. I’ve been procrastinating on revamping my portfolio site for so many years I’ve lost count. 
  2. I haven’t regularly attended church since 2020.
  1. I’m already saving for the next Beyonce concert, even though she has yet to announce tour dates. 
  2. I watch entirely too much television but can’t seem to make myself stop. 
  1. I’ve started reading a dozen books this year and I’ve only finished five. 
  1. Last year was so great that 2022 has fallen short in every way and I’m worried that 2023 will also.
  1. I’m back to my pre-cancer weight and I’m pretty upset about it. 
  1. I wonder if I’ll even go an entire day without thinking about cancer.  
  1. When someone says I’m a “sweet, quiet girl” it’s proof they don’t really know me. 
  1. The thing I miss most about being a full-time teacher has nothing to do with teaching. The thing I miss most is dressing up for Halloween for my students. 
  1. I consider giving up blogging at least once a day. 
  1. I’ve considered giving up on #BlogLikeCrazy every day of this challenge. But I’m so glad I haven’t.

What do you have to confess?