Did you have a word of the year for 2021? Have you chosen a word for 2022?

This is a practice I started nearly 10 years ago.

Back in 2013, I chose three words — joy, communion, and gratitude.

Through the years I’ve chosen words such as “magic” and “faith.”

I usually spend the first half of December choosing my focus word for the upcoming year. December is such a peculiar month for us all as we find ourselves simultaneously looking back and longing to move forward. For me, choosing a word of the year is a part of this.

Why You Should Choose a Word of the Year

Choosing a word for the year is like setting a resolution but better. It’s less rigid and therefore can be more inspiring. Also, it allows you to pivot when needed while still staying true to your overall vision for the year.

In 2020, for example, my word of the year was GROWTH. But 2020 was also the year I was diagnosed with cancer and the world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. My plans to grow See Jane Write with more in-person events – and my plans for nearly everything else – were slashed and trashed.

But 2020 taught me that when you pray for growth you must brace yourself for pruning. The year 2020 took a lot from me – my health, my hair, my social life – but I gained so much more. Lessons learned in 2020 taught me how to get my priorities in proper order and so it was a year of growth after all.

Choosing a word of the year -– and staying focused on it — can also help you transform your life.  My word for 2019 was CHANGE. I chose this word because when I looked back at 2018 it didn’t look much different from 2017. I was struggling with the same issues and trying to accomplish the same goals. I felt I had lived the same year twice. So, I vowed to do something big to change my life. And in May of 2019, I quit my job.

How to Choose Your Word for the Year

Choosing a focus word for the year doesn’t have to be hard. These simple journaling prompts can help you get started.

Looking back at 2021, what worked well and what didn’t?

How do you want 2022 to feel?

What do you want more of in 2022?

What do you want less of in 2022?

What words best describe your goals for 2022?

When considering things that didn’t work well and things you want less of you can use antonyms to help generate possible words for the upcoming year. For example, if 2021 was so busy and hectic that you couldn’t really enjoy your life, you may want to choose a word like PEACE, CALM, or MARGIN for 2022.

Because 2020 took so much from me, my word for 2021 was RESTORATION.

The journaling prompts above should yield a long list of words. Spend some time with those words and choose the one that speaks to you the most.

My Word for 2022

In spite of everything that happened to me in 2020, as I look at my life, I realize it is a dream come true. I’m writing and teaching and living on my own terms. My slow easy mornings of sipping tea and journaling, my freedom to have a long lunch with a friend, and all the opportunities to write and help other women write, too – these moments are the manifestation of my dreams.

But now it’s time to dream even bigger dreams. That’s what I realized in 2021. And that’s why my word for 2022 is ABUNDANCE. And ABUNDANCE will be my guide, my True North, as I set goals for the year.

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What’s your word for 2022?