A new year is almost here and while I plan to spend much of these final weeks of 2022 relaxing and hanging out with friends and family. But the goal digger in me is also plotting plans for 2023. 

Near the end of the year, I always take time to ask myself a series of questions to help me set goals for the year to come. 

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Here are 23 questions I’m journaling about in preparation for 2023. 

What have I accomplished in 2022? 

I’m often so focused on my next set of goals that I forget to take time to celebrate what I have already accomplished. I did a lot in 2022! 

  • I published a book and had so much fun promoting it!
  • I landed three new freelance content writing clients. 
  • I launched a new mastermind that’s been my most lucrative venture yet. 
  • I had fun traveling to Orange Beach, Louisville, and New York and I saw Silk Sonic in Vegas!
  • I got to write for Good Housekeeping magazine and Shondaland.
  • I won another grant. 

Be sure to take some time to reflect on your accomplishments of the past year. 

What do I need to accomplish before 2023 is here? 

At the end of each November, I make a list of all the things I want, need, and must do before the new year. My December to-do list is like a seasonal bucket list but for 31 days. Any work-related projects that I need to wrap up before January will be on the list. This year’s list will include fun things like going to a Birmingham Squadron game. I also want to finish all the books I started reading this year. 

 How will I ring in the new year? 

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday because there’s something about being on the precipice of possibility that gets me so excited! So I always do something to celebrate whether that’s a night on the town or a party of two at home with hubs. 

What will be my word for 2023? 

Several years ago, I started choosing a word for the year. I think of it as my theme for the year and my North Star. This year’s word was ABUNDANCE. Last year’s word was RESTORATION. My word for 2020 was GROWTH. My word for 2019 was CHANGE.

I haven’t decided on my word for 2023 yet, but I do know I want my word to be less about what I want to do next year and more about how I want the year to feel.

What will I do in 2023 to get closer to my long-term vision for my life? 

In order to set my goals for 2023, I must get clear on my long-term vision first. I’ll make a list of all the things I want to do, have, and be 15 years from now and then decide what I’m going to do in 2023 to move closer to this vision. 

What will be my focus for the first 90 days of 2023? 

After setting my goals for the year, next I decide what I will focus on for the first quarter. Over in the See Jane Write Collective, we will be following the 12-Week Year for Writers program to slay our Q1 goals.

How will I stay organized in 2023?

I’m pretty much addicted to notebooks, journals, and planners. And this obsession of mine is getting out of hand. I’m running out of space to store them! In 2023, I will try to be more intentional and only buy notebooks and journals for specific purposes. And I’m also going to attempt to use a digital platform such as Trello or Asana to keep my projects organized.

What publications will I pitch in 2023? 

I love a bucket list – including a byline bucket list. Some of the publications I plan to pitch next year include ESSENCE, Women’s Health, and Cup of Jo. 

How will I grow and improve my freelance content writing business?

To be honest, nearly every freelance content writing gig I’ve ever had has fallen in my lap. Next year I want to see how well I can do in this arena if I’m actually intentional about pursuing leads. 

How will I promote my book? 

I want to continue to promote my book Find Your Way Back in 2023. I plan to attend more author events, apply for some book awards, and release a journal gift box inspired by my book. 

What’s my next big writing project? 

Promoting Find Your Way Back has been fun, but I’m ready to move on to my next book. One of my goals for 2023 is to finish my next book and start submitting it to contests, agents, and publishers. 

How will I help See Jane Write Collective members thrive in 2023? 

In 2023, I’m treating the Collective like a year-long course. That’s why you can now sign up for an annual membership for $297, which means you’ll get one month free. (You can also still opt to join at $27 per month and cancel anytime.) Enrollment is open now and closes on December 19.

Throughout 2023, I will be walking members through what I call the See Jane Write Success Path to help them achieve their writing goals. 

I’m also planning to have lots of guest speakers covering topics such as poetry, writing devotionals, fiction writing, publishing, and much more. 

How will I grow and improve See Jane Write LLC in 2023? 

Even though See Jane Write often feels like an excuse to hang out with lots of amazing women, it is an actual business and I need to treat it as such. I need to act like a CEO. That means it’s time for me to get some systems in place and start building a team. 

What will be my long-form content strategy in 2023?

Even though I sometimes consider breaking up with blogging, I will keep the See Jane Write website going in 2023 and I hope to start welcoming (and paying) guest contributors too. And after YEARS of procrastinating, I am FINALLY going to start a podcast! 

What will be my social media strategy in 2023? 

Social media can be so overwhelming sometimes, but can also be a lot of fun. In 2023, I will focus on being intentional and consistent on most platforms. The jury is still out on if I’m going to attempt TikTok, but I will continue to grow my Instagram community and Facebook group.

What are my financial goals for 2023? 

In addition to my revenue goals for See Jane Write, I also have some personal financial goals including making new investments, sticking to a budget, and saving for a 2024 trip to Dubai.

What habits do I need to stack in 2023? 

I’m obsessed with habit stacking – the practice of adding one new habit at a time. In 2023, I need to work on sticking with my rituals and routines such as my morning and evening routines, my exercise regimen, and my journaling practice. 

What will be my 2023 fitness challenge? 

Every year I like to challenge myself with some sort of fitness goal that has nothing to do with losing weight. In 2023, I’m going to challenge myself to walk 1200 miles!

Who do I need to spend more time with next year?

I’m going to make a list of all the people in my life that I need to spend more time with and on January 1, I’m going to plan an outing with each of them.

What will I do in 2023 to create a home that I never want to leave?

The number one thing I need to do to make my home more comfortable is declutter. I have TOO MUCH STUFF!  

What will be my spiritual practices in 2023? 

I haven’t regularly attended church since 2020, and to be honest, I’m not sure I ever will again. But I know that I want to grow closer to God every day and this will be a priority for next year. 

How will I serve my community in 2023? 

There are so many great organizations in Birmingham that are doing amazing work. Forge Breast Cancer Survivor Center, The Women’s Foundation of Alabama, and Desert Island Supply Co. are just a few I want to continue to help out with in some way. 

What fun things do I hope to do in 2023? 

For a while, I was considering making my word of the year FUN! One thing that cancer and COVID taught me was that life can change – or be taken away – in an instant. And after surviving 2020, I feel as if I have a second chance at life and I want to spend it having as much fun as possible. Next year, I hope to take dance classes and travel more. And I’m really hoping Beyonce will go on tour. Girls’ trip, anyone?!

What questions are you asking yourself as you prepare for 2023?