I can’t remember when I first started choosing a word for the year, but I do know that last year was the first year that I really took this act seriously.

In the past, I’ve chosen words like “magic” or “faith.” For 2013, I chose three words — joy, communion, and gratitude. And while I had great intentions at the time, while I chose these words hoping they would guide me, inspire me, motivate me, and ground me, I had usually forgotten my word or words of the year by spring.

But not this year. In December of 2018, I decided that my word for 2019 would be CHANGE. When I looked back at 2018 it didn’t look much different from 2017. I was struggling with the same issues and trying to accomplish the same goals. I felt I had lived the same year twice.

So I picked CHANGE as my word for 2019 and vowed to do something big to change my life. And in May of 2019, I quit my job.

I am now pursuing my life-long dream of being my own boss. I’m a full-time writerpreneur — spending my days working on articles for local and regional publications and building See Jane Write. 2019 has been a year of CHANGE indeed.

So what’s next? What’s my focus for next year? What’s my word for 2020? GROWTH!

I am ready to level up! In my freelance life, I want to start writing for more national publications. In my blogging life, I want to reach new readers. In my personal life, I want to be healthy and happy with my body and I want to do 40 fun and new things before I turn 40 in 2021.

The word GROWTH will be my guide throughout the year. As I’m trying to make decisions I will simply need to ask myself, “Will this help me grow?” and be sure that things I’m doing will help me grow in ways that bring me closer to my ultimate vision for my life.

Choosing a word for the year is a great first step in setting your goals for 2020. If you want guidance with setting your goals for next year, help with developing a plan to accomplish them, and tips on how to make time to work on your goals and stay motivated along the way, then you don’t want to miss my upcoming workshop 2020 Vision. Set for Sunday, December 15 at 6 p.m. CT, 2020 Vision will give you the clarity you need to go into next year knowing what you need to do each quarter, each month, each week, and even each day to make your dreams come true. Learn more and register here. There will be a replay if you can’t make it live.

What’s your word for 2020?