Each year, I challenge the readers of See Jane Write who blog to publish a new blog post every day in the month of November. I call this challenge #BlogLikeCrazy and, trust me, the process certainly lives up to its name. But I’m so glad that every year several ladies (and gentlemen) join the fun.

Today I salute the #BlogLikeCrazy All-Stars for 2018 — the bloggers who succeeded in giving their readers new content every day in November.

The Jacqui Jones 

TheJacquiJones.com is a blog by See Jane Write Collective member and social media manager Jacqui Jones. She’s the owner of the marketing firm, One Degree MMM, which specializes in marketing and branding services for small businesses, brands, and organizations. But her blog isn’t just about marketing or her life as an entrepreneur. She writes about motherhood, personal growth, and so much more. Jacqui describes herself as “a mother, wife, daughter, friend, blogger, writer, public speaker, veteran member of the Bey hive, and lover of 80’s sitcom A Different World.”

The Write Wade 

TheWriteWade.com is a blog by See Jane Write Collective member Christina J. Wade. Whether she’s discussing writing or relationships, exploring the power of words, or examining the messages of movement, Christina’s blog at The Write Wade is all about communication and “listening at the speed of life.” For this year’s #bloglikecrazy challenge, Christina shared what she called “30 Days of Good.” Despite facing many hardships this year, she decided to celebrate 30 good things that happened in 2018 and the lessons she learned. She writes, “There’s no use in throwing a whole year away when 1) there were definitely happy moments in it and, 2) the year isn’t over yet!”

Karin Wants an Appletree 

KarinWantsanAppletree.com is a blog by See Jane Write Collective member Karin Mohler. Her site seeks to offer “a place for writers to find their inner muse.” Karin shares stories and life lessons on topics such as career, community, confidence, and creativity.

My Full Permission 

See Jane Write Collective member Louanne Elliott launched her blog MyFullPermission.com just in time for #bloglikecrazy. As the name suggests, Louanne’s blog is all about giving ourselves permission to break “our tiny little boxes.” Throughout November Louanne shared poetry, childhood stories, posts about writing, stories of faith and redemption and more, and she managed to blog every day in November even though she took a trip to Paris during the challenge!

Jennifer’s Stellar Life 

See Jane Write collective member Jennifer Dome King blogs about fashion, fitness, motherhood, mental health and more. Whether she’s writing about her adorable daughter or sharing updates on her weight loss journey, Jennifer’s posts are always authentic and inspiring.

One Love

One Love is a blog by See Jane Write collective member Valerie Jones, who describes herelf as “a woman, an aunt, a teacher, a writer, a philanthropist, a lupus survivor, and just an around the way 80s baby.” With this blog, Valerie shares her love for God, her love for people, and her journey to learn to love herself.

Spiffy Eats and Giggle Water

See Jane Write Collective member Jessica Furniss is the food photographer behind the blog and business, Spiffy Eats and Giggle Water. Throughout November Jessica shared beautiful photography and recipes for what are sure to be delicious dishes.


MiaAdventura.com is a travel blog by See Jane Write Collective member Mia Ransom Parnell. Her posts can help you with your plans to travel abroad and teach you how to be a tourist in your own town. For #bloglikecrazy this year Mia did something different and deliver daily haiku!

Carrie Rollwagen

Like me, author, blogger, book reviewer and communications director Carrie Rollwagen took on this year’s #bloglikecrazy challenge in hopes of reviving her love for blogging. And I think it worked. In her last post, she writes, “One of the important things I’ve learned this month is that not being able to say things perfectly doesn’t have to mean not saying them at all.”

Kristina Hamlett

Kristina Hamlett uses her blog to share her “quest for wellness and adventures in writing.” Kristina took on the #bloglikecrazy challenge in hopes of getting clear on how to move forward with her blog. She decided that she’ll continue to share health-related posts (centered on physical, spiritual, mental and financial health) and posts about her writing life and features on other writers.


Charrisa Taylor is a teacher, blogger, author, and the founder of a non-profit organization called Hello Ruth. Her blog offers life lessons, encouragement and inspiration as well as practical tips for writers.

Happy Fit Camper

Julie Watters took on two challenges in November. Not only did she decide to #bloglikecrazy but she also hosted her own challenge which she called “NOvember.” She writes, “The is a challenge for people who need to reclaim stake in their own life through the practice  of saying NO. I am one of those people.” For help saying NO and for help with your pursuit of a healthy mind, body, and soul, follow her blog and Instagram.

Faye’s Sewing Adventure

Linda Faye Lewis blogs about her sewing projects and about other blogging babes who sew on her site Faye’s Sewing Adventure. For this year’s #bloglikecrazy challenge she also shared plenty of inspiration and tips on how to get back your “sewjo.”

Kathryn Lang

Kathryn Lang’s life philosophy is simple: “Have fun. Make friends. Be relentlessly helpful.” This mini-manifesto of hers is at the heart of every post you’ll find on her blog. Blogger, author, speaker, and radio show host, Kathryn strives to share words of hope, inspiration, and encouragement but “with a twist of snark to keep things interesting.”

Soul In Stereo

Every year my husband Edward T. Bowser of Soul in Stereo participates in #bloglikecrazy. But he doesn’t do it to increase his traffic or sharpen his writing skills. He does it simply to show me that he supports all that I do for See Jane Write. And not only is Edward the best husband a girl could ask for, but he’s also the best music blogger on the Internet. If you’re looking for honest, thorough music reviews, insightful yet hilarious pop culture commentary, and informative yet entertaining round-up lists, you should definitely add Soul In Stereo to your blogroll.


If you completed the #bloglikecrazy challenge, too, leave a link to your blog in the comments.