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Though I still have a few things I want to accomplish before 2018 is over I am already thinking of ways I can set myself up for success for next year. Here are things I’m doing right now to prepare for 2019.

Begin at the end. Every day I take a few moments to visualize what I want my life to look like by the end of 2019. I take notes about this life in my journal, creating a sort of verbal vision board for myself. And if I stay focused on this vision I know the year will be great.

Prepare for the 90-Day Slay. Once my vision for the year is set I’m going to set goals for the first 90 days of 2019. I’m going to be careful to not to set too many goals per quarter (which I have a bad habit of doing) because I know the more focused I am the more successful I will be. So, I’m limiting myself to 3 to 7 goals per quarter.

Be a woman with a plan. We’ve all heard the saying a goal without a plan is just a wish. That saying is one of the many reasons I’m a planner addict. In preparation for the new year I’ve already purchased my 2019 Day Designer and The Content Planner. I use the Day Designer to not only write out everything I need to do each day but also to schedule when I will do each task. The Content Planner helps me plan my blog and social media content. Sure, I could do this in an Excel sheet but that’s not as fun. The Content Planner is a fillable 15-month planner with at-a-glance monthly spreads, custom-designed planner stickers, and space for goal setting and ideas. In addition to all this, the planner also features a guide with themes, holidays, and marketing dates that always spark post ideas when I’m facing blogger’s block. Learn more about the Day Designer here and check out The Content Planner here.

What are you doing to get prepared for 2019?

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