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I woke up this morning ready to feel sorry for myself. I’ve been sick the past few days and instead of getting better I keep getting worse. Today I was too sick to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family and I was ready to throw a pity party for myself instead.

Fortunately, my husband crashed that pity party, put an end to it and turned the day into one of gratitude and celebration. He whipped up a little Thanksgiving meal for us and we enjoyed a delicious meal together in our dining room (which we never used). As I sat there eating I started to think about how blessed I am in sickness and in health.

So, while I do a gratitude post every Thanksgiving this one is extra special because I’m learning to be grateful in the best of times and the worst of times.

As I sit home sick today I am so thankful for my husband who’s home taking care of me. I’m thankful for the house I’m resting in while I get well. And I’m grateful for all the episodes of Criminal Minds, Total Divas, and Chad Loves Michelle that I’ve watched over the past few days.

Today I’ve also spent time reflecting on all of 2018. I’ve often said that this year has been a disappointing one because I haven’t accomplished many of the things I’d hoped to do. But there is so much I have achieved and I’ve had some fun along the way. I landed new paid freelance gigs with three different magazines. I grew my coaching business. And I did a TED Talk! I took a girls trip to New Orleans and I went to WrestleMania!

Today I am a recommitting to taking time each day to think about and journal about the things for which I am grateful.

What are you thankful for today and every day?