Last year I declared that Saturday would be “Self-Care Saturday” — a day when I would do little to no work for my full-time job or my side hustle. But my Saturdays still have a to-do list, nonetheless.

Here are 7 things I think every writer should do every weekend.

Write. Even though Saturdays are my day to take a break I still try to get in some writing even if it’s just jotting some words down in my journal. The weekend is also a good time to stockpile blog posts for the week, make progress on the book you’re writing, or work on stories for freelance gigs.

Read. If you’ve been struggling with writer’s block lately it may be because you’re not reading enough. Your muse needs fuel. This weekend read a good book, read articles in your favorite magazines, or catch up on your favorite blogs.

Exercise. You can’t write the next Pulitzer prize winning article or book if you’re dead. So keep yourself healthy with regular exercise. The weekend is the perfect time to get in a long walk or run, try a new group fitness class at the gym, or meet with a personal trainer.

Practice self-care. As I’ve said, my top priority for Saturday is self-care. Sometimes this means a massage. Sometimes this means a DIY mani/pedi. Other times this just means taking a nap! There isn’t one right way to practice to self-care. You’re only doing it wrong if you’re not doing it at all.

Clean. Sometimes self-care means caring for your living space. I always take a couple of hours each weekend to clean my house and fold the pile of laundry that’s been in a chair in my home office all week. And we writers need to try to keep our workspaces clean, too. So be sure to tidy your desk and organize your files.

Spend time with family or friends. When you’re working to build a writing career or blogging business while still working a full-time job you’re bound to be busy, really busy, so busy that you neglect the people you love most. The weekend is a good time to reconnect. Call your parents. Have Sunday brunch with your sister. Have date night with your spouse or a girls night with your best friend.

Be lazy. Don’t forget to give yourself a break. Take some time — even if it’s just one hour — to indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure. Watch trashy TV or watch videos on YouTube or IG TV. Binge watch a show on Netflix. Or just take another nap!

What are you doing this weekend?