Back in September, I challenged the women of the See Jane Write Collective to write their future writing bio, the bio that they would want someone to read before they took the stage to speak at their favorite conference. This was my attempt to get them to “write the vision and make it plain.” This future bio, I’d hoped, would give them a clear picture of what they wanted and where they were going, so then they could focus on figuring out how to get there.

I try my best to lead by example, so I wrote one too, but I recently realized I wasn’t completely true to myself when I wrote it. I didn’t dream big enough. My bio didn’t reflect the dreams I have that set my soul on fire.

So I’m going to give it another go. I’m going to attempt to write my future bio one more time. I see this as a verbal vision board or even black girl magic as I try to write my dreams into existence.

Here we go:

Javacia Harris Bowser is a writer, blogger, educator, and entrepreneur who specializes in empowering women and girls to become the authors of their own lives through artistic pursuits, content creation, and entrepreneurship. She is the founder of See Jane Write, an award-winning website and community for women who write and blog. A self-proclaimed feminist storyteller, Javacia’s articles and essays have appeared in Glamour, Essence, Bust, Darling, Good Grit, and other national magazines. Javacia is the author of three books and the host of the podcast The Writeous Babe Show. She also runs a feminist storytelling camp for teen girls. Javacia lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband Edward.

Now it’s time to get to work on making this dream reality.

What’s your future writing bio?