After being burned out with blogging I’ve restored my passion for it with the #bloglikecrazy challenge. This month as I’ve worked to publish 30 posts in 30 days I’ve focused not on the business side of blogging but on simply having fun.

But let’s face facts: See Jane Write is a business and I can’t ignore that. So I’m going to have occasionally write strategic blog posts meant to build my business. I’m faced with a question I’ve wrestled with for years: How can we writers be both artists and entrepreneurs?

I think I’ve found the answer.

I’m all about being a girl with goals and I think those goals can help me find a balance between being a lady writer and a boss lady.

I believe all writers should have three types of goals: passion goals, people goals, and profit goals.

A passion goal is something you want to accomplish simply because of your love for writing. Perhaps, for example, you want to self-publish a book not necessarily to make money but just because you’ve dreamed of doing so since you were a girl. My passion goal is to see my byline in all of my favorite magazines. I’m not going to get rich from freelance checks, so this isn’t a goal about profit. It’s about the joy of writing and seeing my name in print.

A people goal is something you want to do to help others. I have plenty of these. Eventually, I want to start a feminist writing camp for teen girls. In the meantime, I want to empower women and girls through my blog and social media posts.

A profit goal is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a goal about making money moves. Maybe you want to land a lucrative book deal or freelance contract. Maybe you want to work with your favorite brands through your blog. My profit goal focuses on getting new See Jane Write Collective members and new coaching clients.

I believe by regularly working on all of these goals I finally will find the balance I’ve been searching for.

What are your passion, people, and profit goals?