If you were driving from Birmingham to Atlanta or New Orleans and you ran into road construction, traffic jams, or stormy weather, chances are you wouldn’t just give up on making it to your destination. Yes, you’d be annoyed by the delays. Yes, you may face a detour or two and you may even pull off the highway and take a break at a rest stop if traffic was at a standstill for too long, but you wouldn’t give up.

You wouldn’t give up because your destination is clear. You wouldn’t give up because you know where you’re going and you’re confident you will get there eventually, even if it takes much longer than you had hoped.

Carrie Green uses a similar metaphor in her new book She Means Business and while reading this I realized that this is precisely why goals matter. If you know exactly where you’re trying to go with writing, blogging, or business, you are much less likely to give up, even in the face of metaphorical bumps in the road, traffic jams, and stormy weather.

Last quarter I lost sight of my goals and without a destination in mind I found myself stalled. But now that I’m clear on my vision for the next 90 days I’m ready to speed down the highway toward my dreams!

I want to help you get clear on your goals for the next 90 days, too. Join me this evening, Monday, April 3 at 6:30 p.m. CT for a free goal setting and planning workshop. When you sign up you’ll also receive a free workbook to help you plot your plans for the second quarter of 2017. Sign up here.