stronger than you think

So here I am greeting June 1, 2016 — a day that last month the drama queen in me was convinced I wouldn’t see.

I had so much going on in May I thought I wouldn’t survive it. As a teacher, May is always the busiest month of the year for me as I have to grade 60+ research papers and dozens of final projects as well as write and grade exams and finalize all grades for the semester. I have to clean my classroom — for real — and fill out a mountain of end-of-the-year paperwork. On top of all of this I had freelance stories to write and I had to keep See Jane Write afloat. I was also dealing with family drama and health issues to boot. And the weekend before grades were due my brother was getting married and I was to be the matron of honor in the wedding.

I remember one night I started thinking of all I had to do and suddenly couldn’t catch my breath. I felt as if the walls of my bedroom were closing in on me and I felt my body fill with fear. Praying myself to sleep was the only way I could get calm.

The next morning, I had had enough! I decided I was not going to let my massive to-do list, my family issues, or my health problems get the best of me. The night before I had a talk with God, but that morning I decided I needed to do some talking to myself!

“Get it together, girl!” I said to myself. “One day at a time, you can do this,” I assured myself. “Babe, you got this,” I declared and even made an Instagram graphic saying so.

you got this

Did these affirmations magically solve all my problems? Of course not! My health issues did not subside and my family drama actually got worse, but I survived the month nevertheless.

In fact, I didn’t just survive, I thrived. I graded research papers, finished exams, and completed end-of-the-year paperwork faster than I ever have in my 7 years of teaching. Hubs even noted that he didn’t see papers scattered all over the house for as long as he normally does in May. And my brother’s wedding day, which I thought would be stressful and draining, filled me (and I’m sure everyone in attendance) with love and joy. It was perfect!

mandi and ceej
My brother and his beautiful bride!
wedding weekend
Scenes from Graduation & the Wedding

As the school year came to a close I heard a voice whisper, “You are stronger than you think.”

I’m not going to say this was God. I’m not one to profess burning bush experiences. But I think this voice came from that great feminine power that resides in all women, that power that gives us strength beyond our imagination and peace beyond our understanding. And I think the message that voice gave me that day wasn’t just for me.

You, too, are stronger than you think. Whatever obstacle you’re facing right now that you think you can’t clear, whatever hurdle you think you can’t leap over, just know that you can and you will. One day at a time, you can do this. Babe, you got this.

matron of honor
The Matron of Honor

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