On Monday I published a blog post stating my case for “Why Writers Must Be Entrepreneurs.” The next day a See Jane Write member very honestly shared this: “I saw the post about writers being entrepreneurs, but I just don’t know how to get started.”

And for this particular woman it is crucial that she get started because she recently quit a soul-draining job to pursue her dreams.

I realized that I needed to design a clear path to help give some guidance for this crazy, but beautiful journey called entrepreneurship, a path that you could follow whether you’d left your day job or not.

As a writer and blogger you need three things to become an entrepreneur: your platform, your people, and your product.

Your Platform

Obviously, if you’re going to build a business with your words, you must have a blog and an active social media presence. But if you’re going to be an entrepreneur you also must build your brand. Thinking of yourself as a brand may feel gross or even wrong. But it’s not. 

Your brand is quite simply your story.

Defining your brand is also about defining your values. What is most important to you? What beliefs are core to who you are and what you do? What’s your mission? What’s your worldview? What’s your vision for your life — both personally and professionally?

Defining your brand is also about being mindful of your visuals.  As writers, we tend to only think about words, but in the age of the Internet and social media, visuals are SO important. Consider the visuals you will use to help people recognize your brand. This includes photos of yourself (such professional head shots), your signature colors (mine are deep pink, black and white), and your logo. 

Your People

my janes
I love my tribe!

You can’t run a successful business without customers. So once you know who you are, figure out whom you serve. Determine your ideal reader/customer and then, as Danielle LaPorte says, “Find your tribe and love them hard.”

Use your blog and social media channels to build your email list.

Use guest posting, speaking engagements, and live events (either virtual or in-person) to reach new audiences.

Use Facebook groups to build community around your brand.

Your Product

Now that you have your people you need something to sell to them!

Remember, though, don’t start selling to your people immediately. First you need to build trust by offering them very valuable content for free. A good rule of thumb is to offer the what and the why for free and sell the how.

So how do you determine what your product or service should be? Listen to your people. What questions are they asking? What are they struggling with? What do they need your help doing? Use this to develop both your free content and the products and services that you will sell.

One of the best ways for bloggers to make money is to create courses and coaching programs centered on the focus of their blog.


I understand I just essentially gave you a massive to-do list and you’re probably thinking that you need help through each of these steps. And the truth is if you bought a different course or e-book for each of the things you need to do to become an entrepreneur you’d spend thousands of dollars. And chances are you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw around because you either just quit your day job or you’re saving up to quit soon.

I have good news for you.


I recently partnered with One Woman Shop to help them promote their Solopreneur Success Bundle, which offers 20 products, worth over $1600, that can help you take your blog and your business to the next level. And you can get this bundle through September 16 for only $99!

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Offerings in the bundle that will help you polish your platform by whipping your blog and social media into shape include:

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Offerings in the bundle that will help you create, price, and sell your products and services include:

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And this isn’t even half of what all you get in the bundle. Click here for a complete list of offerings and to purchase the Solopreneur Success Bundle today for only $99. Remember, this offer expires at 11:59 ET on Friday, Sept. 16. 

Disclaimer: Purchasing the Solopreneur Success Bundle through the links in this post will result in my business receiving compensation. I appreciate you trusting my opinion on the products that will help you better your business!