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5 Things I Read This Week


How Blogger Luvvie Ajayi Is Keeping Us Laughing All the Way to the Bank

Luvvie Ajayi of the wildly popular blog Awesomely Luvvie describes herself as a 13-year overnight success. In this profile by xoNecole writer Kiah McBride, we learn Luuvie’s story of how she has turned a blog she just started as a fun creative outlet into a brand that has landed her a book deal, an interview with Oprah, a chance to work the red carpet at The Academy Awards, and countless paid campaigns. Read her inspiring story here.


Things to Do in Birmingham: 8.25.16

sidewalk fest

Earlier this week I interviewed one of Birmingham’s top education professionals for one of my freelance writing gigs. I asked her about her hobbies and after telling me about her favorite places and things to do in Birmingham she said, “If you’re bored in Birmingham, that’s your fault.”

I couldn’t agree more and that statement is especially true this weekend.


Redefining Balance

redefining balance

A few years ago I had the honor of attending a lecture by renowned journalist Soledad O’Brien. During the Q&A period of O’Brien’s talk an audience member asked her a question often asked of highly successful women who juggle busy careers with motherhood: How do you balance it all?

O’Brien’s answer was quite simple. “I don’t,” she said.


Write, Teach, Sleep, Repeat

mrs. bowser
My alter ego – Mrs. Bowser

Many writers find themselves on a path that leads them to the classroom and I am no different. Teaching literature, composition, or creative writing is an excellent way to use your love for the written word to make money and make a difference.

My teacher life started in graduate school where I taught poetry and communication classes to undergrads. Several years later after leaving my full-time job as a newspaper reporter I would return to the classroom, this time as a full-time high school English teacher at my alma mater.

Because of the success I had in the classroom in grad school and because of my deep love for the school at which I was teaching I thought my first year as a full-time teacher would be easy.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.


What Every Boss Lady Blogger Needs In Her Bag

boss lady blogger bag

When school is in and I’m back to juggling my full-time teaching job with my part-time blogging business, my whole life changes. My workout schedule changes, my wardrobe changes, what I eat changes. Even the bag I carry gets a makeover. I go from carrying a chic handbag from H&M to rocking a huge Target tote that could be mistaken for carry-on luggage. But in that tote are all the things I need to manage both my teacher life and writer life and my life as a boss babe blogger.

Let’s take a look inside!


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