Month: November 2015

30 Things I Love Right Now

(1) Home. | (2) Being brought to tears each time I pull into my garage because I can’t believe I own a house. | (3) The feel of my home’s hardwood floors beneath my bare feet. | (4) Long walks in my neighborhood.  | (5) Living dangerously close to Yogurt Mountain. | (6) Feminist comic books. | (7) Reading before bed. |  (8) Learning that my favorite summer read — The Girl on the Train — is being adapted into a movie. | (9) Blogging like crazy. | (10) My Day Designer planner. | (11) My new business coach (who has quickly become my life coach, too). | (12) Basking in the beautiful dreams of my coaching clients. | (13) Seeing my tribe rise. | (14) Striving to be the author of my own life and pushing other women to do the same. | (15) Watching TV shows about superheroes and working to be a superhero of my own. | (16) Crying through new episodes of Being Mary Jane. | (17) Squealing through new episodes of How to Get Away with Murder.  | (18) My new Instagram account. | (19) Trying to dress like a fashion blogger even though I’m not one.  | (20) Compliments on my Essie nail color. | (21) Overhearing my students say “Bowser is Beyonce.” | (22) Being confident enough to take that compliment with grace.| (23) Dancing in the dark. | (24) “Woman” by Joy Williams. (This song is my mantra, my anthem, and, for feminist like me, a modern-day hymn.) | (25) Mattieologie. | (26) Believing in Black Girl Magic. | (27) Believing in HER. | (28) Believing in HIM. | (29) Believing in You. | (30) Believing in Me.

30 Things I Love Right Now is a blog feature created by writer TJ Bietelman. 

What do you love right now?

On Blogging, Business, and Running in the Rain

run in the rain

I woke up Monday morning determined to get in a 2-mile run before the end of the day. Rainy days and a busy schedule had kept me from pounding the pavement for a few days and I’m trying to get back into the groove of running so I can register for a few big races next year.

The elements were against me. Thanks to the end of Daylight Savings Time I knew it’d be pitch black before 6 p.m. and because of a little run-in a sports car had with my rear end back in 2008, I’m terrified of running at night. But I left work on time (I’m a teacher and can technically leave at 3:06 p.m. but rarely ever do) and made it home and changed into my running gear before 4 p.m.

But there was another problem. Those same clouds that had been raining on my parade for the past few days were threatening to do so again. I considered putting on one of my favorite fitness DVDs and giving up on my run but something inside rebelled against that idea.

So I headed out the door.


Member of the Month: Stephanie Naman

The See Jane Write Member of the Month for November is author and blogger Stephanie Naman.


By day, Stephanie is the VP/Creative Director at the advertising agency Luckie & Company, where she works with big-name clients like Regions Bank, Little Debbie, and Alabama Power. By night, she’s the author behind the mother-daughter mysteries Murder on the First Day of Christmas and Murder in a Two-Seater

And recently Stephanie launched a new blog — Auntie Venom, a website for teen girls aimed at “taking the sting out of growing up.”

I am tempted to try to write something to show you that Stephane is one of the smartest and funniest women writers that I know. But I think letting her speak for herself will get the job done.


It’s Time to #BlogLikeCrazy

As a non-fiction writer with lots of fiction writer friends, November can be a lonely month for me. Most of my friends are locked away in their home offices or metaphorically chained to a table at their favorite coffee shop working on novels for National Novel Writing Month. So a few years ago I decided to start #bloglikecrazy – a challenge for myself and other bloggers to publish 30 original posts in 30 days in the month of November.

time to blog like crazy