Beyonce Ring Off
Image by Caroline Delaney via Flickr/Creative Commons

If you know me well you know I am a huge Beyonce fan. So I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I heard that two new songs from her upcoming platinum edition of Beyoncé  had leaked.

Initially, I was rather underwhelmed by “7/11,” an unremarkable club track that just reminded me why I no longer go clubbing.

But I must admit that the video is ridiculously fun and makes me want to plan a girls trip ASAP.  The more I watch the video, the more “7/11” grows on me. Beyonce, what kind of spell do you have on me?!

The better of the two songs, by far, is “Ring Off.” In this loving lyric to her mother, Bey sings about how she now understands the struggles of being in a failing marriage and acknowledges the sacrifices her mother made through the years:

You used to dress and fix your hair/ then you’d smile through your tears/ In the mirror you would stare and say a prayer/ like I wish he said I’m beautiful/ I wish it didn’t hurt at all/ I don’t know how I got here/ I was once the one who had his heart…

But this is no sad love song. Beyonce declares that that Ms. Tina has taken that “ring off” and now “the fun begins” and she “can love again” and now she’s happier than ever.

Click here to check out both songs for yourself.


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