media kits
Show your blog some love with a top-notch media kit. (Image by Kris Krüg via Flickr/Creative Commons)

A media kit is like a visual resume for your blog. Typically, bloggers use media kits to showcase their number of followers to brands and other potential partners.

Using a tool like Google Analytics as your source, you want to include important statistics such as average number of page views per month, unique visitors per month,average time on site (the higher the better), bounce rate (the lower the better), and number of new visits. You might also want to include your number of subscribers and social media followers.

If your numbers aren’t very high, don’t be discouraged. Focus on and highlight the strengths of your blog. Share how much your blog has grown recently, for example, by highligting your increase in subscribers. If you have a very niche topic use this to your advantage. Convey to brands that you could be the gateway to a unique, untapped market. This is why it’s important to collect and include demographics of your readership as well.

If your readers are extremely engaged (as evidenced by a great number of comments and great interaction on social media) brag about that, too.

And a media kit isn’t just about numbers. The values of your blog should be conveyed by your media kit as well. So share your blog’s purpose or mission. Perhaps even include the top keyword terms that lead people to your site. Include information about yourself, too. If you’ve ever been featured in a major publication, be sure to mention that.

Include images such as a headshot, a screenshot of your blog, your logo, and great pictures from some of your best posts.

Remember a media kit should make brands excited about your blog and excited about working with you.


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