ideal reader
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When people ask me for blogging advice one tip almost always give is to identify your ideal reader and only write for her.  What are her passions, hobbies, and dreams? What are her problems and fears? What keeps her up at night? After you determine your ideal reader and what she wants and needs, only blog for her. This sounds scary. This sounds as if you’ll alienate other readers, but you won’t. An ideal reader is someone who not only reads your posts but also shares them with others. She’s not just loyal, she’s evangelistic. Writing for this reader will simply attract more like her.

Write out a detailed description of your ideal reader and keep it close, using it as you plan for future posts. You should even give your ideal reader a name. I call mine Quinn.

I am fortunate enough to have an actual person who is the basis of my ideal reader description. I have a reader who not only reads my blog posts but also attends and promotes nearly every See Jane Write event and talks about See Jane Write to other people more than I do.

But if you’re just starting your blog you probably haven’t found your Quinn. And that’s OK. When you’re starting out simply ask yourself what kind of reader you want to attract. Write a detailed description of that person and start there.

Or perhaps you can begin by just writing for yourself. Create the blog you want to read.

But if you want to find your Quinn, you need to go out and look for her. You need to network with people interested in the topic of your blog and with people who appreciate blogging. Get involved with local blogging groups (like Birmingham Bloggers and See Jane Write, of course). Attend conferences. Participate in Twitter chats and Facebook groups for bloggers and those related to your niche. Read and comment on other blogs. Guest blog for other sites.

Don’t assume your best friend will be your ideal reader. Chances are your best friend won’t even understand why you’re blogging in the first place. Let it go. Your blogging buddies (which you found from all that online and in real life networking) are the ones you should turn to for support in your online pursuits. Those blogging buddies are the ones who will encourage you to write on, sister!

Keep blogging and keep networking and soon you will discover your ideal reader. Trust me, she wants to find you just as badly as you want to find her.


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