See Javacia Speak
Here I am speaking at this summer’s Bloganista Mini-Con.

If you are a writer, blogger, or entrepreneur you also need to be a good public speaker. Sharing your expertise through speaking engagements can be a great way to promote your blog, brand, book, or business.

But for some of you the idea of speaking in front of a crowd may make you sick to your stomach.

Last month I organized a special members-only See Jane Write event on public speaking featuring Attorney John Saxon, who is not only a highly successful lawyer but has also done speech writing for several big name politicians.

Saxon gave us a wealth of information on how to compose a captivating talk and keep your audience engaged.

Here are tips on how to overcome your stage fright:

1. Be confident. Remember you are the expert in the room. Whenever you start to feel insecure remind yourself that the organizers of this event invited you to speak for a reason.

2. Be prepared.The more prepared you are the more confident you will be. This doesn’t mean you should type out and memorize every word you’re going to say. But have at least three key points outlined. Know what you want your audience to take away from your talk. And be sure to practice.

3. Be passionate. Show that you have a sincere, overwhelming desire to convey this information to your audience. Your enthusiasm will most likely be contagious.

4. Be personable. Maintain eye contact. Use humor. Tell stories. Move around a bit to help dispel some of your nervous energy. Establish common ground with your audience.

5. Be yourself. Saxon says that “the presence of dynamism need not suggest the absence of sincerity. ”

What tips do you have for better public speaking?

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