blog latte
To get through #bloglikecrazy all you need is this list of ideas… and caffeine (Image by Filipe Ferreira via Flickr/Creative Commons)

#bloglikecrazy is underway!

For those of you who are new around here, each November I challenge the women of See Jane Write to publish a new blog post every day for 30 days. We call this challenge #bloglikecrazy.

Throughout the month, share your posts via Twitter with the hashtag #bloglikecrazy and in the See Jane Write Facebook group and I will read and promote as many of your posts as I can.

During #bloglikecrazy you’re free to write about whatever you want. But each year I offer a list of writing prompts just in case you find yourself facing blogger’s block. (Many of the prompts are linked to examples, too.) So use the prompts if needed in any order you choose.

Here are 30 post ideas to help you #bloglikecrazy:

1. Why do you blog?
2. What are your goals as a blogger, writer or small business owner?
3. Write your personal mission statement.
4. Write a letter to your younger self.
5. Write an open letter to someone you need to thank.
6. Everyone is an expert in something. Write a post about your area of expertise – why you consider yourself an expert and how you came to be one.
7. Write a How To post.
8. Write a How NOT To post.
9. Write a post about something you do, love, or believe that’s unpopular with most folks.
10. Write your manifesto.
11. Post a Q&A with a woman you admire.
12. Use some of your favorite Instagram pics as a visual writing prompt.
13. Write about your favorite CD of the year thus far.
14. Write about the best book you’ve read this year.
15. Write about a time you changed your mind.
16. Learn to love your haters by taking a negative comment and flipping it into an empowering post.
17. What I Learned About Myself From ______(This can be a book, a film, an album, or even a person.)
18. Write a post called The Things I Don’t Blog About.
19. Write a post called 30 Things I Love Right Now.
20. Write a post about fitness – how you stay fit or how you plan to get in shape.
21. Write about your guilty pleasures and why you don’t actually feel that guilty for loving them.
22. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
23. Write about your favorite place.
24. Write a post about your favorite dish or a meal you’ve had that you will never forget.
25. Write a post about your best friend or a group of friends.
26. Write a post about your family.
27. What are you thankful for?
28. Write about an outfit that makes you feel fabulous and fierce.
29. Set 4 simple goals for the remainder of 2014 and write about them.
30. What did you learn from #bloglikecrazy?

Each day in November for #bloglikecrazy I’ll be publishing a blog post that answers your questions about blogging, social media, writing, wellness or women’s empowerment. Send your questions to