Member of the Month

Member of the Month: Tawanna Jones

When Tawanna Jones first joined the See Jane Write Collective I knew she’d be a stand-out member. She was clear on her writing and blogging goals and she dove into our members-only resource library to learn what she needed to accomplish those goals.

When See Jane Write launched its partnership with Reckon Women, Tawanna was one of the first people to submit an essay to be published on, an essay that told the story of her struggle with depression and how she has overcome it.

Recently, Tawanna launched a new inspirational website and blog, Rise Up and Soar, and on March 14 she will be speaking at Motherhood: The Remix, a conference to be hosted by board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Leesha Ellis-Cox in Birmingham, Alabama.

I’m proud to present the See Jane Write Member of the Month for March, Tawanna Jones.


Member of the Month: Kymmie Cartledge

Kymmie Cartledge is a See Jane Write Collective member that I brag on a lot. In addition to being a member, Kymmie is also a former coaching client of mine and during the time that we worked together, Kymmie started a business from scratch and planned her first event — a vision board workshop — which was a smashing success.

But she was just getting started.


Member of the Month: Safiya Robinson

Just before Safiya Robinson turned 40, she decided to start a blog detailing 39 lessons she’d learned in her 39 years of life. While sharing these lessons on the blog 39 and Counting Safiya learned something else. She learned that she had the courage, creativity, and consistency she needed to write and self-publish a book.

In September 2019 Safiya launched her debut book Everything is a Thing: My journey to living a truly authentic life. Though Safiya lives in Barbados — over 2,000 miles away from See Jane Write headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama — she’s one of the most active See Jane Write Collective members. Safiya takes advantage of virtual meetings and events as often as she can and stays active in the See Jane Write Facebook groups, too.

For these reasons and more Safiya Robinson is the See Jane Write Collective member of the month for October 2019.


Member of the Month: Kimberley Carter Spivey

Kimberley Carter Spivey did not come to play with y’all!

When she became a See Jane Write Collective member back in June she immediately got to work. She logged into the members-only resource library and started watching the videos and completing the lessons on blogging, brand building, and freelance writing. Then she put what she learned into action.

This month Kimberley launched her new blog and business, Girl You Write. She’s also done freelance writing for several publications all while juggling writing, blogging, and business with family and her day job as a Retention and Student Success Specialist at her alma mater, Auburn University at Montgomery.

Kimberley’s remarkable work ethic and her great participation in the See Jane Write Network Facebook group are why she is the September 2019 Member of the Month.


Member of the Month: Leslie L. Golden

Leslie L. Golden

Lesile L. Golden is currently working on not one, not two, but three books and is somehow still finding the time to consistently update her blog The Istoriaphile’s Corner. She also recently published an e-book called Season’s Suite that’s all about the stories found in nature.

But Leslie’s writing work ethic isn’t the only reason she’s the See Jane Write Collective Member of the Month for August 2019. She was nominated by Audrey Atkins, author of They Call Me Orange Juice and the SJW member of the month for June 2018.

“In addition to being an awesomely talented wordsmith, she is enthusiastically and unfailingly supportive of every Jane in the group,” Audrey said of Leslie. “She offers feedback that is thoughtful and helpful, she is sincerely complimentary, and she shares careful and constructive criticism. It is this kind of writerly and friendly rapport that I came to See Jane Write to find, and I absolutely did in Leslie.”

In this interview, I chat with Leslie about her blog and her books, writing tips, and why she loves See Jane Write.