Why Freelance Writers Must Practice Goal Setting

On May 24, I announced that I had resigned from my teaching position and would now be a full-time freelance writer and entrepreneur. 

After sharing this news on my blog, social media channels, and with my email list, my freelance cup quickly runneth over. And this is a great problem to have! Through email, Facebook messages, and direct messages on Instagram, people made me aware of writing opportunities — paid opportunities — that I could take advantage of. 

And like any self-employed scribe who wants to ensure she can pay her mortgage, I said “Yes” — to EVERYTHING — including things I had absolutely no interest in doing. 


How to Be the CEO of Your Life

Photos by Megan Tsang Hand

May 24, 2019, was my last day as a high school English teacher. Last week I gave myself a bit of a vacation as my husband and I spent time visiting his family and friends in Virginia and lounging at the beach. So I consider today, June 3, 2019, my first day of work as my own boss.

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I’ve dreamt of being an entrepreneur since before I was old enough to correctly pronounce the word. But juggling my writing business with my teaching career for all these years has taught me that whether you are self-employed or not you do have the power to be the CEO of your life. And if I don’t hold on to those lessons that I’ve learned I won’t truly live the life of an unbossed woman even as a full-time freelancer and entrepreneur as I could easily run myself ragged trying to meet deadlines and care for clients. So let’s discuss how we can all truly live like a boss.


So…I quit my job!

Today is my last day as an English instructor at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. After juggling my teaching career with See Jane Write for the past eight years I’m finally taking the leap and pursuing my passion project full-time. 

The few people I’ve shared this news with already have all had the same reaction— “It’s about time!” So while plenty of people may think I’m crazy to leave the security of a steady paycheck many people reading this may be thinking, “What took you so long?”  


15 Confessions: Goals Edition

Typically, I have no problem sharing my goals with the readers of See Jane Write. In fact, I often devote entire blog posts to detailing my goals for the month. Nonetheless, there are some goals I’ve kept to myself, worried you’d find them superficial, materialistic or vain.

But one of my favorite lifestyle posts to do is my 15 Confessions posts so this time I decided to confess 15 goals I’ve never shared before.


Writing My Way to the Life of My Dreams

Last month I had a difficult time blogging consistently but not for any of the reasons you may think. I hadn’t run out of ideas for blog posts. And I didn’t feel too busy to blog either. No, I didn’t lack the inspiration or the time, but I did lack the intention. 

I was no longer clear on why I was blogging. Sure, I know all the business-related reasons to blog. I know blogging can help you establish yourself as an expert, increase your visibility and build your know/like/trust factor. But I needed a reason beyond that.