3 Types of Goals Every Writer Should Have

After being burned out with blogging I’ve restored my passion for it with the #bloglikecrazy challenge. This month as I’ve worked to publish 30 posts in 30 days I’ve focused not on the business side of blogging but on simply having fun.

But let’s face facts: See Jane Write is a business and I can’t ignore that. So I’m going to have occasionally write strategic blog posts meant to build my business. I’m faced with a question I’ve wrestled with for years: How can we writers be both artists and entrepreneurs?

I think I’ve found the answer.


What’s your future writing bio?

Back in September, I challenged the women of the See Jane Write Collective to write their future writing bio, the bio that they would want someone to read before they took the stage to speak at their favorite conference. This was my attempt to get them to “write the vision and make it plain.” This future bio, I’d hoped, would give them a clear picture of what they wanted and where they were going, so then they could focus on figuring out how to get there.


Let’s call this month No-Goals November – or not

Today is November 1 — the first day of #BlogLikeCrazy. Because today is the first of the month this should also be the day that I share with you my goals for November.

If you’ve been reading See Jane Write for a while you know that I’m a girl with goals. My best friend once said, “Your goals have goals!” She’s right. I set goals for the year, the quarter, the season, the month, the week, and for every day.

When this same friend read my blog post about my goals October and for the final quarter of 2018 she said, “You are doing TOO much!”

And she was right again. I had set unrealistic goals for myself and set too many of them to top things off. This goal digger had gotten out of control.

So I thought to myself, I’ll declare this month No-Goals November!


How to Accomplish Your 4th Quarter Goals

October is here. We’re in the final quarter of the year. And as a college football fan, I love a good 4th quarter win. But this month if you see me strutting around holding four fingers in the air it might not be for the Alabama Crimson Tide, but for the ladies of See Jane Write — and for myself. I am declaring that this quarter is ours.