To become the woman you want to be, you have to remember the girl you used to be. You have to write like a girl.

Wake up early or stay up late to pen your poetry and your prose.

Write for the love of words. Write for the love of self.

Do not wait for permission to write.

Write like a girl.

Write to remind yourself that you exist.

Write to feel human. Write to feel divine.

Write to confess. Write to confirm.

Write as an act of prayer. Write as an act of play.

Write to feel as free as you did flying high in your favorite swing.

Get lost in your words and find yourself in them, too.

Live life unedited.

Write like a girl.

Write when you want to escape to your own little world. Write when you don’t want to feel alone.

Write to hold a grudge, then write to let it go.

If you can’t wear your heart on your sleeve, write your heart on the page.

Write like a girl.

Write to ask questions. Write to answer them.

Write to speak the truth. Write to seek the truth.

Write because you just can’t help yourself.

Write like a girl.

Write when you feel fear. Write when you feel brave. Write to remind yourself it’s possible to feel both at once.

Write behind closed doors then fling your work into wide-open spaces.

Write to show off or at least to show up.

Write between the lines for those cast aside to the margins.

Have childlike faith — in yourself.

Write your way to the life of your dreams.

Write because in the end stories are all we have.

Write like a girl and know that girl was right — you are a superhero because storytellers change the world.