Each month I help the members of the See Jane Write Collective set 3 major goals – one writing goal, one wellness goal, and one goal for another area of life that needs attention. But in December things are different. In December we craft a December Ta-Da List! No, that’s not a typo. That’s supposed to say “ta-da” not “to-do” because that’s way more fun, right?!

I can’t take credit for coming up with that name. One year a Collective member used the term during a monthly planning session, and it stuck. And since then, it’s become a yearly ritual for me.

Whether you want to finish the year strong or you’re just trying to finish, the December Ta-Da List can help.

My Rules for My December Ta-Da List

An Enneagram 1 so I can’t function without order. Thus, I had to give myself some rules for my December Ta-Da List. (If you don’t need rules, feel free to skip this part.)

No more than 30 tasks.

The idea here is that I will try to complete one task per day. And keep in mind that most of the things on this list are to be fun things such as holiday parties,  Christmas tree lightings, or going to the movies.

No more than 3 big tasks.

I consider a “big task” anything that can’t be started and finished in one day. Deep cleaning my home and catching up on my bookkeeping are two big tasks on my list. Having more than three big tasks on your list will not only stress you out but also is probably unrealistic.

Include at least 1 writing task.

I write for a living, so obviously I write all the time. But the writing-related tasks on my December Ta-Da List are things that can easily get pushed aside because I’m always so focused on the writing that I do for my clients. So these things include reviving my blog and updating my websites.

Include at least 1 wellness task.

As a cancer survivor, wellness is a top priority for me. So I’m getting a massage this month and going to Pilates at least twice a week every week.

Include at least 1 fun thing (preferably many more).

Another thing I prioritize during December is reconnecting with loved ones. Instead of saying “Let’s circle back after the holidays” I try to plan lunches and brunches with friends before the year comes to an end. Life is too short to postpone time with the people who matter most.

How to Create Your December Ta-Da List

To make my list, I first do a brain dump of all the following:

  • all the things I need, must, and want to do before 2024
  • things that will help me have a great January
  • things on my Fall Bucket List I haven’t done yet
  • any writing-related things I’d like to do.
  • things for my health and wellness

After my brain dump, I whittle down my list to 30 things using the rules above. And ta-da! That’s my December Ta-Da List.

Here’s something I’d love for you to add to your December Ta-Da List. On Sunday, December 10 from 4 to 6 p.m. CT I’ll be hosting my annual #GoalDigger Workshop, which is designed to help you set your goals for 2024 and develop a plan for actually accomplishing them. And it’s FREE.

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