The amount of work I get done on a writing retreat is unmatched. That’s why I’m counting down the days until the next Busy Bee Writing Retreat, which is set for April 13-16, 2023.

The Busy Bee Writing Retreat is designed for working women who may be “short on time but long on creativity,” as the creator Coretta Collins likes to say. If you’re looking for a creative getaway for this spring, I’d love for you to join me.

What is a writing retreat?

A writing retreat is a set period of time during which you put aside all the responsibilities of your regular life and just focus on writing. Sure, you could try to do this at home, but if you have a roommate, a partner, or kids – that’s probably not going to work. Even if you live alone, you’ll probably find yourself distracted by dishes or laundry.

Your retreat can be as elaborate as a lavish getaway to a resort on your favorite beach or as simple as booking a hotel room 20 minutes from your home.

The point is to get away from all the things that keep you from writing during your everyday life.

Of course, a writing retreat isn’t required to start or finish your book. I have a friend who wrote one of her novels, scene by scene, in the pick-up line at her kid’s daycare. But a writing retreat sure can’t hurt and it can do so much more than give you time to write.

Why You Should Attend Writing Retreat

If you’ve been in a creative rut, a writing retreat may be exactly what you need.

I’m a huge fan of retreats because I believe they give you the freedom, focus, and fellowship you need to make true progress on your writing projects. 

Writing retreats give you freedom.

When you go to a writing retreat you get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When things like your day job or what you’re going to cook for dinner are not on your mind, you’re free to think about your creative projects instead. You free up space in your mind to let your imagination run wild. 

You’re also free to feel like a writer. I meet so many women who are working on a blog or a book but are quick to say, “But I’m not a writer.” Stop that! To be a writer all you need to do is write. If you’re writing – you’re a writer.

But I understand that when women say, “I’m not a writer” they often feel that way because they’re not dedicating a lot of time to their writing.

But a writing retreat allows you to finally do that. On a retreat, you’ll feel as if you’re finally taking your writing seriously and – I hope – finally feel like the writer that you are.

Writing retreats help you focus. 

At a writing retreat, your sole purpose for being there is to write. So you won’t be distracted by dirty dishes or laundry that needs to be folded or another work meeting that could have been an email. You can simply focus on your writing and not feel guilty for doing so. 

Writing retreats offer fellowship. 

One year I did a solo writing retreat at a beautiful bed and breakfast and while I did get a lot done, the social butterfly in me did not enjoy being alone all weekend. Even if you’re an introvert, I would argue that writing retreats are best with other writers. That fellowship with like-minded people will inspire you to keep going after your goals. 

What to Do Before, During, and After Your Writing Retreat

How to Prepare for Your Retreat

Before you head out for your retreat, be sure you have a plan. Decide what projects you want to work on while you’re away and bring any notes or other resources you’ll need. Obviously, you’ll need to bring a laptop and/or a notebook too.

If you are a free-spirited type of writer, don’t feel pressured to create a schedule. If you’re type A like me, though, you might want to plan when you’re going to write and when you’re going to relax.

Whether you have a set schedule or not be sure to set a clear goal for your weekend. What do you want to accomplish before you return home? Decide and write it down!

What happens at a writing retreat?

At a writing retreat, you’ll write – obviously. But it’s perfectly okay to make time for other things too such as reading or revising. If you’re on a solo retreat, it’s fine to plan for down time and if you’re on a retreat with other writers, you’ll definitely want to set aside time for networking.

At the Busy Bee Writing Retreat, we have several writing sessions throughout each day as well as a couple of workshops, meals, breaks, and time for fellowship and fun – including a game night and, of course, a mini-photo shoot.

I retreated. Now what?

When you return home from your retreat don’t abandon your work! Finish what you started. I recommend developing a plan — while you’re still on your retreat — for how you will continue your project once you get home.

The Busy Bee Writing Retreat

The next Busy Bee Writing Retreat is set for April 13-16, 2023 and will be held in Cedar Bluff, Alabama at a gorgeous lake house. Coretta Collins, the creator of the retreat, says a Busy Bee is a working woman juggling career, family, and community responsibilities but still wants to find time for creative endeavors such as writing. As a Busy Bee, it’s hard to set aside dedicated time for writing projects and goals but those writing dreams and desires are still alive!  If this sounds like you, don’t miss the next retreat!

Less than 20 spots are available, so act fast! 

Learn more here.

Check out these pics of the beautiful retreat space.