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I’m Autistic and Writing Helped Me Find My Voice

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Through writing, Lara Boyle found confidence and community.

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By Lara Boyle

“Why can’t you let her speak for herself?”

That’s what family members and friends would ask my mom. I’d be at the dinner table in a crowded restaurant or even in our living room when my throat would close up. I opened my mouth to speak, but all the words I needed were gone. Under the weight of everybody’s eyes, I shrunk into my seat, unable to do more than clear my throat. I had no issues learning how to talk. I could ramble on and on for hours about horses, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter or my favorite cartoon show, Alex Hirch’s Gravity Falls on Disney. Yet, somehow I still struggled to say what I thought, to find the right words. I wouldn’t find out until I was eighteen years old that this struggle to speak was because I have a type of Autism Spectrum Disorder commonly known as Asperger’s Syndrome. My voice seemed to disappear until I found it scribbled out in jet-black ink on paper.


The Best Planner for Writers

The best planner for writers is any planner that will help you achieve your writing goals. I always say the magic is in the planning, not the planner. And honestly, the planning is just half the battle. You must follow through to see any progress. But I’m a huge fan of the Day Designer planner because if you put it to use, it can help you not only make time to write but also design a life worth writing about.


Why I’m Obsessed with Beyoncé

By the time you read this, I probably will have already seen Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé twice. For real. And yes, I went to the actual concert too, but I knew this movie would be much more than recordings of the show.

In short, Renaissance the movie feels magical, yet as the behind-the-scenes looks show us how the magic is made, you suddenly feel as if you’re capable of magic too.

And that right there is exactly why I’m so obsessed with Beyoncé. Honestly, I think that’s what makes her so magnetic to most of us certified members of the Beyhive.


How I’m Preparing for Fall

The cool air that kisses my face during my morning walks lets me know that fall is just around the corner. While some folks are stocking up on all things pumpkin spice, I’m preparing for autumn in a different way, the writer’s way.

Here’s how I’m preparing for fall and some journaling prompts to help you do the same.


I always wanted to be a stay-at-home freelancer, so why am I so sad?

Editor’s Note: See Jane Write now publishes articles and personal essays by writers who identify as women, non-binary folks, and our allies. Learn more here.

By Carmen Shea Brown

I remember the drive down the long, winding road to my place of employment, passing all the same restaurants, shopping centers and offices I had gone by almost every day for the past 10 years. After months of thinking, praying and analyzing the situation from all angles, I knew I was doing the right thing. Still, as I got closer to the parking lot, my heart felt like it was going to explode. 

I was about to break the news to my manager, supervisors and co-workers that after a decade of being a faithful employee at a major retail chain, I was leaving to pursue my passion for writing full-time.