I’ve been blogging in some way for nearly 15 years. Blogging has changed so much during that time and, to be honest, I miss the early days of blogging. 

Back in the day, you could blog about pretty much anything and people would read it! 

You didn’t have to worry about nailing your niche or mastering SEO. You could just write, have fun, and connect with a community. 

Sure, it’s nice that blogging can be a business now and that there are so many ways to monetize all the hard work you pour into your website. But I still miss the good old days. 

Blog Like Crazy is the time of year when I break all the blogging rules and blog simply for the joy of writing. 

This post – and many of the posts I’ve done this month – are examples of how not to blog. 

I didn’t do any keyword research before writing this post. That means I didn’t check websites like Google Trends or Semrush to see if people are searching for “how not to blog” (which they probably aren’t) or “blogging rules.” And if they are searching for “blogging rules” this post probably won’t show up in search results because I put those keywords at the end of my title instead of the beginning. 

I also don’t have “blogging rules” in any subheadings, photo filenames or photo captions. I will add it to the post’s meta description and slug but that probably won’t be enough to get me the green light on my Yoast SEO plug-in. 

This blog post is also too short. The Google algorithm favors long in-depth posts. Add a video for even more blog brownie points. 

Sometimes during Blog Like Crazy, I find ways to follow the blogging rules and write posts on topics I’m actually excited about such as this post on being a multi-passionate writer. And by sharing that with you, I’ve added an internal link, which also gives me more SEO points. 

But mostly, I use this month to be a blogging rebel. And I have a great time doing so. 

Here’s to breaking the rules!