I love composing affirmations for writers. In fact, you can get affirmations from me sent to you via text every Monday morning by texting the word AFFIRM to 205-892-9501.

A dear friend of mine once told me she hated affirmations, and she said reciting them felt like she was lying to herself.

I understood exactly what she meant.

Repeating some random affirmations that you found on Instagram probably won’t work for you if the words aren’t speaking to your truth, your values, and to your specific situation.

That’s why I’m a big fan of writing my own affirmations. Sure, I may look to other affirmations for inspiration, but I write my own so they will feel authentic. So if you sign up for my text message affirmations, use those to spark ideas for your own mantras.

But for my friend, her issue with affirmations was even deeper. When times were tough, she had a hard time repeating statements declaring that all things work together for her good.

If you can relate, I have something I want you to try.

For the past several weeks I’ve been working with a fitness coach named Caprice O’Bryant as I’m out here trying to get my Woman King body. During a recent group coaching session, Coach Caprice discussed using “I am willing” statements to ease into the practice of reciting affirmations.

So, for example, if it feels too outlandish to state “I make healthy food choices daily” you could instead declare, “I am willing to learn what my body needs.”

Our session got me thinking about how writers could try “I am willing” statements too.

“I Am Willing” Affirmations for Writers

I am willing to make space in my life for writing.  

I am willing to commit to a writing routine.

I am willing to write regularly and not wait to be inspired.

I am willing to challenge myself to try new things with my writing.

I am willing to invest in learning skills to make my writing better.

I am willing to gracefully accept constructive criticism of my writing.

I am willing to be in community with other writers.

I am willing to accept that I am 100% responsible for my writing goals.

What “I am willing” statement do you need for your writing life?