To be honest, it feels like I was screaming “Happy New Year!” just yesterday and here we are already welcoming March.

I’ve decided this will be a month for big dreams.

This evening I’m hosting a goal setting session for the members of the See Jane Write Collective. Many members have told me they’ve been struggling to set goals lately. Maybe you can relate.

If you have been having a hard time setting goals for yourself each month, it may be because you’re not allowing yourself to dream. Take a moment to dream big and declare some things you want to be true by the end of the year.

Write the statements as if they’ve already happened (i.e. I am a published author). And when you’re dreaming, consider all areas of life: writing, blogging, brand building, health & wellness, relationships & family, your home & possessions, spiritual life, hobbies & fun.

Next, review your dreams and make a short list of things you could do this month to help make these dreams come true. Finally, from that list, choose no more than four actions to be your goals for the month. Write them as declarations and as if they have already happened.

My March Goals

Following those steps, I came up with these March declarations:

  • I invited 200 women to join the See Jane Write Collective.
  • I exercised for at least 30 minutes every day in March.
  • I wrote or revised 2,000 words of my book each day in March.

Of course, another goal I have for the month is to host The Confident Writer Challenge. (I hope you’ve signed up!)

This month I’ll be reopening enrollment for the See Jane Write Collective. My big dream for March is to welcome 200 new members. Honestly, I thought about making this my only goal for March. But I know that if I don’t set a fitness goal, I’ll neglect self-care. And if I don’t set a writing goal, I’ll be so focused on helping other people tell their stories I won’t make time to share my own.

Being a good leader is about not only taking care of my community, but also taking care of myself. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

What are your goals for March?