I miss my writing bestie.

Years ago, a friend and I would meet at our favorite coffee shop for writing dates. We both had a goal. She was working on a book and I was working on my blog. We’d give ourselves time for girl talk and giggles then we’d get quiet, set a timer, and write. We held each other accountable. I made sure she didn’t start scrolling through her phone. And she made sure I didn’t start writing random to-do lists.

Eventually, life got in the way and we stopped our writing dates and now because of the pandemic, neither of us will be hanging out in coffee shops anytime soon. But when all of this is over (if it’s ever over) I’m going to make it a priority to start these writing dates again.

We all need a writing bestie.

What Is a Writing Bestie?

A writing bestie is someone who has writing goals just like you and someone who cares about your writing goals almost as much as they care about their own.

A writing bestie is someone who will hold you accountable. Maybe you get together on a Zoom call to write or maybe your writing bestie just texts you to make sure you’re working on that book, that blog post, or that pitch to your favorite publication. Perhaps your writing bestie encourages you when you’re feeling down and you’re convinced your writing dreams will never come true. Or maybe your writing bestie does all of these things!

Just as your romantic partner doesn’t replace your friends, your writing bestie doesn’t replace your writing community. You can, for example, be a member of the See Jane Write Collective and still have a writing bestie.

In the Collective we have weekly group writing dates via Zoom that I call our Girls Write-In sessions. This is your time to write and to get inspired as you hear about all the other projects other members are working on. We also have monthly group coaching sessions via Zoom and goal setting chats and check-ins in our private Facebook group.

But having additional writing sessions with and additional support from your writing bestie can help you reach your goals even faster. And crossing the finish line with someone cheering you on is way more fun!