Month: July 2020

Self-Care Tips for Writers

Today is International Self-Care Day. This special day is held on 7/24 to remind us that self-care is something we should prioritize 24/7.

Lord knows I need this reminder and chances are you do, too.

We writers and bloggers are ambitious people. We have to be. To turn your thoughts and ideas to words and share those words with the world takes gumption and grit. It takes commitment and consistency. It takes sacrifice. And sometimes the first thing we sacrifice is self-care.


How to Hit the Reset Button on Your Email List

Confession: I haven’t sent a message to my main email list in nearly a month. Sure, I’ve emailed the members of the See Jane Write Collective regularly about all of the awesome virtual events we’ve had this month. But for my general email list — the See Jane Write Weekly — it’s been crickets.

This, however, was actually a planned sabbatical. I wanted to take this month to brainstorm new ideas for the See Jane Write Weekly and to brainstorm ways to grow my list.

I’ll be back in action in August. So, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to sign up for the See Jane Write Weekly so you won’t miss out on the content I have planned.

If you need to hit reset button on your own email list, here’s how.



Inspiration is everywhere. Through the years I’ve learned that some of the things that we see as distractions from the creative process can actually be the fuel we need for our next for blog post, article, or essay or even our first or next book.

That’s why I love sharing with you what I’m currently watching, writing, reading, listening to, loving, feeling, and planning. Here’s the latest edition of Currently!


I Am Not My Hair

“Javacia — the girl with the long, pretty hair.”

That’s how people have described me for most of my life. As I got older and started making a name for myself as a writer, blogger, business owner, and teacher, I thought this would change. And in some ways, it did. In some circles, I’m “the blogger girl.” Some people actually call me “See Jane Write.” And to my former students, I will always be “Mrs. Bowser.”

But for most people, I just went from being “the girl with the long, pretty hair” to “the lady with the long, pretty hair.”

I know I should have been flattered. Someone saying my hair is pretty is a compliment. But I was tired of people paying more attention to my hair than to me.

On May 7, I started chemotherapy for breast cancer and by the end of the month I’d lost my “long, pretty hair.” But even in its absence, my hair continues to steal the show.