Month: July 2020

Could the Enneagram help you be a better writer?

Originally published May 31, 2020

Could the Enneagram help you be a better writer?

I started asking myself this question earlier this year as I began to delve into this ancient personality typing system that has seen a resurgence of popularity and been thrust in the mainstream in the past few years.

The Enneagram teaches that there are nine different personality styles in the world. Each type has a distinct worldview and underlying motivation that affects how that type thinks, feels, and behaves.


Am I Too Old to Blog?

Am I too old to blog?

In exactly 7 months I will be 40 years old, but this is a question I first asked myself when I was 36.

I didn’t start to wonder if I were too old to blog because I was closer to 40 than 30. I started to ask myself this question because I came across a blogging contest that I thought I would be perfect for only to realize that it was only open to women under 35.


15 Confessions: Blogging Edition

I can’t keep my own secrets. Perhaps this is an occupational hazard of being a writer. And perhaps this is why 15 Confessions is one of my favorite features of my blog.

In May, I shared a 15 Confessions post about cancer on It was quite the hit. I’m not sure I’ll ever top that one, honestly. But I’m pulling back the curtain once again, nonetheless.

Today I’m sharing 15 blogging confessions.


Blog Like Everybody’s Reading

Last year I saw an Instagram post from Launch Pad Publishing that has stuck with me ever since. The graphic read, “Write like everybody’s reading.” And in the caption, Launch Pad Publishing stated, “Enough of the ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ business… Write like EVERYBODY’S reading and maybe they will.”

Yes! This!

I couldn’t wait to share this with the See Jane Write community, especially those working on books.

But, in a way, I believe this mindset applies even more to blogging. We bloggers need to blog like everybody’s reading.