December is the new January. This is a philosophy I adopted a couple of years ago. Instead of waiting for New Year’s Day to work on my goals for 2018, I’m starting December 1.

It’s this philosophy that prompted me to open enrollment for the See Jane Write Members Collective. I have created a bundle of content, which is essentially a 4-week e-course, designed to help female writers, bloggers, and other content creators, lay the foundation for having a purposeful and profitable platform in 2018. To get access to this content, valued at $497, all you have to do is join the See Jane Write Members Collective. Membership is only $19.99 per month. Apply to join here.

Here are the things I believe you should be doing in December to set yourself up for success in 2018.

Learn to manage your mindset. I realize this may sound very abstract, but before we can have success with the concrete action steps we’re taking, we must have the right mindset. We can get our minds right be getting clear on our vision, reminding ourselves of our values, and by setting measurable goals. Set 4 to 7 major goals for 2018 and then set 4 to 7 smaller goals for December that, if accomplished, would make it easier for you to achieve your 2018 goals.

For example, my goals for 2018 are as follows:

  1. Self-publish a book and make a profit from sales
  2. Write for 3 of my favorite national magazines.
  3. Write for 10 of my favorite websites.
  4. Earn $10,000 in a month through See Jane Write LLC.
  5. Walk/run 1200 miles.
  6. Lead a church small group again.
  7. Go on a real vacation with my husband.

My goals for December are:

  1. Write the second draft of my book.
  2. Send a story pitch to one publication I’ve never written for before.
  3. Set up a See Jane Write sales funnel.
  4. Revamp my blog.
  5. Plan January blog, social media, and email content.
  6. Try to get my Twitter account verified.
  7. Walk/run 100 miles.

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Get clear on your purpose. Do you know why you’re doing what you’re doing? If not, you won’t be motivated to put in hard work for very long. Write a mission statement. Write a manifesto. And get clear on who your ideal reader is and how you can best serve her.

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Choose your platform. In the 21st century, there are so many ways you can get your message out to your ideal audience. You can blog. You can write books. You can be a freelance writer for online and print publications. You can start a podcast. You can start a YouTube channel. You can do speaking engagements or host your own events. Or you could do all of these! Social media and email newsletters are also great ways to connect with your audience. Decide how you will reach your audience in 2018 and develop a strategy for each medium.

Position yourself for profit. As a writer or content creator, you may feel guilty for thinking about making money from your craft. After all, if this is your passion you should do it for the love of it; you should do it because you just can’t help yourself. But I am not here for that starving artist cliche. I’m trying to be a well-fed writer and I want you to be one, too. That’s why I believe you should set money goals for 2018 and create a business plan to achieve them. You have to think (and act) like an entrepreneur. This is what it means to write like a boss.

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Through the See Jane Write Members Collective I will walk you through each of these steps during the month of December and in 2018 I will guide you through implementing your plans and achieving the goals you set for the year. Apply to join the See Jane Write Members Collective here. Membership is only $19.99 per month and you can cancel anytime.

If you have questions about membership, feel free to email me at