Have you ever thought about how hard it is to make new friends as an adult? When we were kids we could just walk up to another kid on the playground and ask her if she wanted to join us on the monkey bars or the swings and a friendship was forged. Later you’d invite her over for a sleepover and you’d eat junk food, share secrets, or try to figure out how to put on makeup.

But once I traded pigtails for pencil skirts making new friends got tough — that is until I started blogging.

When I started See Jane Write I found my purpose and my platform, but I also found my people. I found other creative and ambitious women who loved writing and blogging as much as I did, but I soon learned we had even more in common than that.

Some of us liked the same music, movies, and television shows. We had similar hopes, dreams, fears, and even pet peeves. We liked to do the same things for fitness and for fun.

Through blogging, I’ve connected with women in my hometown of Birmingham that I may not have otherwise met. Even though our busy schedules keep us from hanging out as much as I would like, when we do get together for brunch, lunch, or a girls’ night out our conversations flow freely like we’ve been friends since those days of playgrounds and pigtails.

Through blogging, I’ve also connected with women as far away as Barbados, women who feel like my sisters even though we’ve never met.

I started See Jane Write to be both a website and a community, so I host in-person events and virtual events, too. But even when there’s no event to attend there’s also the See Jane Write Facebook group to keep the girl talk going.

Think of the See Jane Write Network Facebook group as the playground at your neighborhood park. The daily threads are the monkey bars and the swing set. Hop on and join the fun.

And when I share a link to my blog that’s just me inviting you to come over for a virtual sleepover so I can tell you all my secrets. So you can be my BFF online and IRL.

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