#BlogLikeCrazy is always a good time to do another edition of “30 Things I Love Right Now” because — content! Let’s go!

  1. Listening to podcasts while I take afternoon walks
  2. Daydreaming about starting a podcast of my own
  3. Going to dance performances at the Alabama School of Fine Arts
  4. Knowing I don’t have to grade any of the dancers’ papers when I get home
  5. Brainstorming goals for 2020
  6. Planning how I’m going to achieve them all
  7. Planning my 40th birthday celebration and trip, even though I have yet to turn 39
  8. Brainstorming my 40 before 40 list
  9. Being a regular contributor to The Birmingham Times, the paper that gave me my first byline when I was only 19 years old
  10. Finally feeling like a journalist again
  11. Finding out the National Association of Black Journalists 2023 national convention will be held in Birmingham!
  12. My partnership with Alabama Media Group and Reckon Women that allows me to help women get published and get paid.
  13. Seeing a See Jane Write Collective member land her first cover story!
  14. Waking up to Instagram notifications from clients saying I’m the best writing coach they’ve ever had!
  15. Being my husband’s wife.
  16. Being my husband’s girlfriend, too.
  17. My Smarty Pants pin collection, which I earned for all the money I’ve raised for the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham
  18. The Fultondale campus of Church of the Highlands is opening soon
  19. Suave natural hair care products
  20. Blazers and boots
  21. Sparkly nail polish
  22. Sweet potato cupcake from K+J’s Elegant Pastries
  23. Warm Grain bowls from Panera Bread
  24. Thinking about how epic it would be to host a See Jane Write Girls Night Out at Dread River Distillery
  25. Learning how to use Instagram Stories to boost my business
  26. Taking Fridays off
  27. Being a good girl gone freelance
  28. Being my own boss
  29. Being the CEO of my life
  30. Making lists like these