Typically, I have no problem sharing my goals with the readers of See Jane Write. In fact, I often devote entire blog posts to detailing my goals for the month. Nonetheless, there are some goals I’ve kept to myself, worried you’d find them superficial, materialistic or vain.

But one of my favorite lifestyle posts to do is my 15 Confessions posts so this time I decided to confess 15 goals I’ve never shared before.

1. I will not rest until I have a BhamWiki page.

2. I want a huge social media following just so FreeForm will invite me to cover a promotional event for the show The Bold Type.

3. If you want to know my dream career it’s basically to be Rachel Hollis.

4. I want to get good enough at applying my makeup that I can do a “Get Ready with Me” video on YouTube.

5. I want to grow my blog so I can reach more women — and get more free stuff.

6. I want to see a photo of myself on a digital billboard in Times Square.

7. I want to drive a BMW.

8. One day I want to travel to Dubai and stay at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, a seven-star hotel (yes, that’s a thing) that has been called the most luxurious hotel in the world.

9. I dream of having a Red Table Talk-style Facebook Watch show that celebrates creative, ambitious women and tackles issues most important to us.

10. I hope to one day own an office building so that I can host more See Jane Write events, offer affordable event space to other groups, and decorate an entire building PINK!

11. I want to start a podcast but only because everyone else has. Peer pressure is a powerful drug.

12. I dream of hosting a women’s empowerment conference so big and so popular that the behind-the-scenes videos become a Netflix documentary.

13. I write simply because I love stringing together words, but…I want to be a New York Times bestseller and be asked to speak at AWP conferences and the Book Expo.

14. I want all of my social media accounts to be blue-check verified.

15. One day I hope a journalist calls me the Beyonce of the writing world.

What secret goals are you willing to confess?